Q: 1998 Acura SLX Differential Gear Oil replacement on 1998 Acura SLX

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How do I change the Differential Gear oil? What kind of oil do I use? What terminology does Acura use to describe this part and process?
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The front and rear differential uses a 80/90W GL5 gear oil (Limited Slip differential compatible for the rear if equipped with LSD), 4.7 quarts in total for both. Chattering may be experienced if you corner hard if the rear differential is limited slip and limited slip differential oil is not used. This Acura is actually made by Isuzu the part number for the LSD oil additive is 8-01052-3580 the rear diff uses 4oz of this additive and I believe you have to use suction to drain the fluid out of the differential as I don't think their is a drain plug.
After putting in the additive, go into a big open car park and do gentle tight figure eights about ten times and then drive and see if your noise goes away.