Q: 1990 Town Car. The air bag light keeps flashing. Also the battery symbol is on. on 1990 Lincoln Town Car

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I think the alternator needs to be replaced, but would that affect the air bag light?
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If the alternator is not charging properly it can effect different modules. After you confirm the status of your alternator then you can move on to other issues.
Thanks for the answer! I replaced the alternator - it wasn't too difficult, except for lining up the bolt at the bottom. That took some doing. Anyway, the battery and the air bag lights are still on. Occasionally the battery light flickers rapidly and randomly. The air bag light flashes constantly and regularly and it never goes off. Thanks again for your help!
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Often the battery needs to be replaced when the alternator goes out. Did you get a health reading on your battery? If there is still an air bag light on you could have an air bag fault. Without looking at the vehicle I don't have anymore suggestions. Our diagnostic fee will credit toward your repair, if you'd like to bring it here.
Thanks for the answer! I took it for a health check and it is 800 instead of 1000. The car starts with no trouble. Should I replace it anyway?
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