Q: 1989-90 AUDI 200 OVERHEATING on 1990 Audi 200

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My audi is overheating,I need a diagram to remove the waterpump and check it,hoses appear to be fine,new thermostat installed & radiator is fine,please help
(3) Answers
Firstly, you need to be sure that the problem is the water pump. Why do you think it is the water pump? Do your cooling fans come on as they should? Is there a leak from a hose or a leak from the water pump? I would do a pressure test of the cooling system and establish what the real problem with your cooling system is. Does you Audi consume coolant? How old is the radiator? have you done a block check to verify your head gasket? Also, this vintage Audi is very tricky to get air bubbles out of the cooling system which can cause an over heat problem, there is precise way to bleed these engines. Please be sure of the pump, so you don't waste your time and money.
I cant post any diagrams here but you can request some help at under forum al post up some diagrams
make sure your fans work. does the heater work well? a bad pump will decrease heater funtion too due to low flow. does the car actually overheat? false warning lights can come from the low coolant sensor in the tank or the wiring, and dont get me started on the coolant multi function sensor under the upper radiator hose flange. note: the timing belt drives the water pump, so be careful.