Mitsubishi Mirage Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your Mitsubishi Mirage

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The national average repair and maintenance cost for a Mitsubishi Mirage is between $304 and $372 per year. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and service provider.

Mitsubishi Repair Estimates
1990 Mitsubishi Mirage Location: Front
Brake Pad Replacement
$168 - $235
1990 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine: 1.6L 4 Cylinder
Timing Belt Replacement
$399 - $546
1993 Mitsubishi Mirage Location: Front
ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement
$228 - $403
1990 Mitsubishi Mirage Location: Upper
Radiator Hose Replacement
$88 - $119
1990 Mitsubishi Mirage Engine: 1.6L 4 Cylinder
Head Gasket Replacement
$652 - $961

Mitsubishi Mirage Problems

No start to to failed distributor

A no start condition may be a result of an internal distributor fault. Our technicians tell us the replacement of the distributor may be necessary to correct this condition.

Airbags may not deploy as expected

There have been reports of airbags not deploying in the event of a frontal impact. Some claim that a shorted airbag wire harness can cause this to occur. Unfortunately there is no diagnoses that will isolate this problem other than fault codes stored in the airbag control module. Our technicians recommend to have any airbag light issues diagnosed and repaired in order to help ensure the airbags will deploy when needed.

Seat belt may not buckle and/or release correctly

The plastic button on the seat belt buckle may crack and brake apart causing the seat belt to not release and/or buckle properly. If this occurs the affected buckle assembly will require replacement.

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Mitsubishi Mirage Questions

My brake light is on and does not turn off but my emergency brake is not engaged (1 answer)

This started when it started snowing about 2 weeks ago. My brake light on my dash only turns on when my e-brake is engaged. But for the past two weeks from the moment I turn my car on to when I shut it completely down, the brake light is lit.

I want to know what is life span on a2004 Mitsubishi mirage lasting with a 228km (2 answers)

if the maintenance of the vehicle is kept far as oil change

airbag replacement (2 answers)

In an accident with 2 airbags deployed. steering wheel and drivers feet. what can I expect for cost to have these replace?

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Mitsubishi Mirage Recalls

Headlights Can Move Out Of Adjustment

The horizontal adjustment lockout clips for the headlight assemblies may not be secure. The headlights may move out of their proper positions. Dealers will secure the horizontal locking clips as necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

Wiring Corrodes And Delays Frontal Air Bag Deployment In An Accident

Road salt and snow entering the vehicle may corrode wiring under the driver's foot rest area, which could result in delayed frontal air bag deployment in an accident. Dealers will inspect the affected connectors and replace any found to be corroded. Dealers will also install a waterproof sheet over the connectors to prevent future corrosion. These repairs will be performed free of charge to resolve the concern.

Air Bags May Not Deploy In An Accident

The frontal air bags may delay deployment and the side curtain air bags may not deploy at all due to a fault of the impact sensors. Dealers will replace the affected impact sensors free of charge to resolve the concern.

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Mitsubishi Mirage Reviews

just got this '98 with 102k so far have had to replace timing belt(was made aware before buying) and the ignition coil(which is part of the distributor) the tie rods are wearing as well, but still very happy with car, i'm pretty handy and most parts are easily accessible
This car has been unbelievable for me! Great car! Bought it in Aug. 2004 for $1400 with 96K on it (from a Kia dealerership!!) and I now have 206K on it after 6.5 years. I just basically maintain upkeep, brakes, oil changes, tires, tune up, etc. Replaced the wiper motor and front portion of the exhaust very recently. The only thing wrong with it now is the motor mount on the top passenger side ...
I have had no problems with my car. I have been the only owner and I have kept up with all of the maintenance, but there has been no other problems.

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