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2005 Honda Pilot (6 Reviews)
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Hi i have a 2005 honda pilot with 103k and everytime i hit the left turn signal and brake pedal my radio and dash light with the lights off but works normal when lights on,i replaced all the bulbs...any ideas what it might be
We LOVE our Pilot! We purchased it new in 2005, after 8 years it has 140K miles on it, so we're using it a lot and have zero problems. Besides routine oil changes, we've had the brakes/rotors replaced, on our third set of tires (includes the originals). Great car!
Radio and ac/ heat unit lights went out at 4 yrs. Only way to replace is to get a whole new unit. Ball joints going out at 120,000. However, original shocks/ struts replaced at 120,000. Overall, excellent vehicle, but things start going at around 120,000 miles.
We just bought a used 2005 with 80k miles in 2011 and we love it. Only issue we've had is that it started idling hot with the air conditioner on. That just happened today for the first time. Any advice?
This is the only vehicle I've owned (25 years) that I have not grown tired of and wanted to trade in. It's got 95k on it with only oil changes. It's an awesome vehicle and I hope it runs forever!
Loved the Pilot ever since I touched it 4 years ago, got myself one last year & I love it. not sure if Honda's have transmission problems or just my car feels like it drags the transmission into a lower gear when I slow down to 25-20mph. otherwise I'm very happy.