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2008 Chrysler Sebring Reviews and Owner Comments

2008 Chrysler Sebring (4 Reviews)
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I purchased a 2008 Sebring from Germaine Toyota, I Have had problem with the steering, everytime I turn I get this knocking, I took the car in for a oil change and they told me I need to replace all the struts. a purchase i wasn'nt looking to have so soon I brought the car in 2010, is there a lot of issues with the steering and struts with this car?
I Have 2008, with 200,000 miles I have hade very few problems !!!
I have the same problems i'm seeing on this page... The car makes a grinding/whining noise when turning left and braking at the same time... let off the brake and the noise stops. It has also died on me 5 times while turning left (all have been when arriving home, strangely enough). The car starts right back up, though. But can't duplicate it for a dealer... Have tried a couple of times to get the noise fixed. So far, they have said it was my tires and the steel belts were broken in the rear ones (causing the noise?) and the that they didn't hear it another time, and the latest was that there was corrosion on my rotors and they needed turned and I needed a front end alignment. So a boat load of money later--- same noise. Now what?
2008 model, i'll be driving and it just dies. The good thing is that it will start up again.