Noise in Front Suspension Due to Worn Sway Bar Bushings/End Links on Chrysler 300M

Worn sway bar bushings or sway bar end links may cause a rattling or clunking noise from the front suspension during low-speed driving. Though not always the root cause, front struts are often replaced for this condition.

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Average mileage: 126,550 (10,000–230,000)
6 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004
38 people reported this problem
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1999 Chrysler 300M 118,000 mi,
Clunking noise from the front end.. Change the ball joints/sway arm, changed the struts... Still have the noise ?????
I believe im having this problem right now, theres a knocking noise coming from the passenger side wheel. I also thought it could be related to the struts but knowing the age of the car it's probably both....
I have a knocking noise from my drivers side front end when going over bumps. Sounds like it is hitting underbody like when you would have a exhaust system break and the loose pipe hits the underside of body. After reading post, I checked the sway links. Looked fine but the drivers side was rotated forward looking like the bolt was broke. I easily rotated the shaft around until it looked normal and could not find any play in the joints. Upon driving the car now, the "clunk" is barely audible but still present. So Iam going to change the sway link as suggested and the rubber grommets on the sway bar because it is cheap and easy. Will let you know the final result. Thanks for the posts.
2003 Chrysler 300M 120,000 mi,
Been chasing this problem since the car hit 80k miles. Noise got loud enough to become annoyingly unbearable by 95k miles. First replaced Sway Bar Bushings, then Sway Bar End Links, only quieted the noise slightly. Then replaced Ball Joints, Control Arm Bushings, Arm-to-Frame Bushings, (all of which were worn) to only find it slightly lessened the noise. Then replaced driver's side Rack & Pinion Mount Bushings again to only find that the noise only lessened very slightly. In a fit of anger, I re-examined the Sway Bar End Links to find they were both shot after 1 3/4 years/18k miles of use. Why the OEM Links lasted 80K miles and the ones made by Ra*bes**s lasted < 20K miles is beyond me. Put in another set of End Links (made by M**g) and now finally have some piece & quite! Was told by different professional repair shops the Rack & Pinion was bad, the Front Struts were bad, the Front Strut Mounts were shot AND the Strut Bearings were shot - they were all wrong!
2004 Chrysler 300M 113,000 mi,
lound clunk when you turn the wheel at low speeds
i have a screeching sounds from my front end. originally thought it was break dust, but i got new break pads and rotars at 40000 miles. i have been noticing it's only when i turn. i'm starting to think its the struts or a bad ty rod, but im starting to think its the suspension. this car has been garage kept for the first 50000 miles
i am going to get the sway bar bushing replaced next week. so hopefully that will take care of the clunking
I can be driving down the road and turn my determinedly,and it seems like it has a little play in it, it didn't have it until I had some struts put on the front and brakes put around everything went wrong.
1999 Chrysler 300M 160,000 mi,
Had to have the sway bar and outer tire rod replaced.
1999 Chrysler 300M 111,000 mi,
When goin over bumps something's rattles an squick
2001 Chrysler 300M 164,000 mi,
A clunking noise in front end car front wheel steers to right
2004 Chrysler 300M 145,000 mi,
At low speeds loud noise knocking sound when I turn and loud screeching noise from front end I was told that the bushings on both sides are missing
2000 Chrysler 300M 179,000 mi,
2004 Chrysler 300M 114,000 mi,
main mounts are worn you can see the gap between rubber and bar
1999 Chrysler 300M 230,000 mi,
I do have same problem.