Wire harness in trunk. on Toyota Camry

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I have read that others have had this same problem, what I have read about was the fix. This cable has about 4 wires in it and it comes down from the trunk lid attached to the hinge on the drivers side of the car. I can't tell what it was cut from. It looks like it wass sheared off but I can't find the other end. There is a possibility that it got pulled from a connecter near by but I don't know what wires or what side to re-attach it to. What isn't working as a result is the backup lights and the lights on the dash that indicate what gear you are presently in. Does your web site just report the problems or do you give the details on how to fix it as well?

1999 Toyota Camry 134,000 mi,
Light indicator on dash and rear back up lights not working

1998 Toyota Camry 193,000 mi,
Brake lights and license plate light are out. Running lights work as do the reverse lights. It isn't the bulb... It isn't the fuse... The brake failure box inside the driver side trunk looks brand new. Pulled it apart and checked the solder joints. My wiring is the only thing i can think it could be. The encased wires were smashed by the swing arm of the trunk. But i cant find any breaks in the wires?!? Not even sure if the brake lights are a part of the trunk portion of lights or are a part of the lights attached to the body of the car. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

2000 Toyota Camry 204,000 mi,
No brake lights on trunk fixtures. Brake light indicator stuck on. Bulbs replaced, wiring failed test. Harness no good to decklid.

1999 Toyota Camry 101,000 mi,
The two trunk lid taillights don't work anymore. The backup lights and license plate lights are OK. I noticed that when I have the trunk half way open, the taillights come on. I traced it to a worn insulation at the curve of the left trunk lid hinge.

I was hoping to find out more about the trunk lid wiring harness and if it is replaceable at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, I'll try splicing the wire together then reinforcing the plastic sheething.

1992 Toyota Camry 114,000 mi,
The junction where the wires going to the trunk lid meet the wires going to the tail lights, has some severed wires.

The backup lights and brake light on trunk lid doesn't work. The light on dash shows there's bulb blowed. But brake light n back window works fine.

wiring harness cut; spliced together; back up lights now work but parking lights won't come on in front or back

1999 Toyota Camry 177,340 mi,
The rear light warning icon on dash showed up after I bought a 50 lb bag of seed that was 'dumped' into my trunk. That must have pulled the weak wiring apart. Upon inspection, the wiring harness at the left trunk hinge looked like it was wrapped with plain thin black electrical tape (original factory assembly?). Took it to dealership repair shop & a technician soldered the wires and wrapped it with heavier weight tape (~$250.00!). Two months later, warning light came on again. I replaced one left brake light. Another 2 months, a right brake light burned out, which I'll replace.