Window may not roll up at times on Volkswagen Eos

Problem Description and Possible Solution

An issue may develop where a window will not roll up after a short pulse down. Our technicians tell us this is a normal condition. Cycling the power door lock followed by the key switch will reset the programmer and restore proper window operation.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 66,233 (10,800–124,000)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
30 people reported this problem
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power window will not go back up fully it only moves 1 inch up then stops, will go down and back up slightly so you go up 1 inch then down 1/4 inch then up 1 inch but it never makes it beyond maybe 3 inches max.
The window always opens a little when the car is unlocked. Now, It doesn't go back up automatically. If I'm driving, I can use the buttons to raise it, but when it's parked, the window stays open a bit. It snowed yesterday and the interior of the car was quite wet when I drove it this morning.
Can you please explain more in detail what it means to cycle the power door lock and the key switch will reset the programmer and restore proper window operation.
Passenger side window automatically goes to half down [Australian RH drive version]. I can 'switch' it fully up but after perhaps 20 seconds it goes to half down. I have cycled the PAX side door to ensure it was closed properly and that seemed to fix it, but this morning the locked car had PAX side window half down. I recycled the roof, and held the up window switch up for ~8 seconds iaw the book and hope I have fixed the issue.
My window is like 3 quarters o the way up but will not continue to roll up.
Window rolls almost down on passenger side and gets stuck. It is happening in cold and snowy weather. Has happened twice. The first time it just started working again. Don't know what I can do to fix it.
Windows open and close while driving. The automatic open when opening the door keeps repeating. I have to open the windows part way to make it stop.
Passenger side window only goes up half way and stops
My window on my passenger and driver side won't go back up. They are stuck half way down. This is the second time this has happened to me and I've already got the passenger one fixed before.
I got a new
Switch and works good for a week
I order another and works good for 10 days
never able to fix.
It's been happening for years, 3 maybe. It started in the summer and finally this winter started doing the same.
It's so frustrating. Most of the time id hear 'we couldn't recreate the issue'. A few months ago the driver side window stopped working altogether. That was a few hundred bucks and it didn't fix the pulsing issue. Now I'm sitting here waiting bc the passenger window stopped working this weekend. I was able to put it up and turn the car off - but this morning the damn thing was open. It'll be almost $100 just to get it looked at.
Passenger side window keeps falling down and does not stay up. I had it fixed at a dealership. A few months later, issue occurs again on occasion. Now window did not prompt down the 1/4 inch it does when the door opens, so it is stuck up and goes over its window frame the door is closed.
My passenger window will not roll up or down
The windows would drop about half an inch and then not close all the way after after starting the car. Sometimes while drivimg down the road the windows would start dropping and raising repeatedly when they were supposed to be closed. Lowering the window halfway stopped this action.

Dealership reported this to be a J519 control module issue. Estimated $819+tax to repair. I am not sure this is fixed because as soon as I got my car back from the dealership, the check engine light came on. Now they are reporting the thermostat is out, and my windshield washer hose needs to be replaced. I've had this car since 2008 when I bought it brand new. I find it strange that after 8 years without any problems that it all of a sudden has all kinds of issues popping up, and all of them expensive repairs over $500
Window down. Computer says it is up