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will not stay running on Toyota RAV4

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my rav 4 will start but only runs for about 20-30 sec then dies but then try to start it again and it starts for about 20-30 sec and dies again???
Will not idle unless my foot is on the gas. Has new battery, new sparkplugs. Not a fix, but temporary solution- "toe" the gas pedal and use the other foot to work the brake, after a short time, it runs by itself just fine. Still, I have no idea what's wrong with my car!
starts runs 30 seconds-shuts off----turn key all the way back off & try again does same thing runs great at any rpm like its ok --but in 30 sec .cuts off==???/ i replaced the ecu-ecm--module==brain box----it did not fix it---some models have igniters-- i cant find one on it 2.0 eng built 10/30/1997---i need a fix---
RAV4 2001: Ignition turns on, engine runs for 20-30 seconds, then cuts off. Puzzle solved. No codes. Problem not in the fuel system or engine because engine runs. Problem was in the computer because it not sending directive to fuel pump to pump gas to the engine. Also not having codes come up indicates computer not functioning. (During heavy, bad thunderstorm, I felt a charge go through the vehicle. It must not have been a direct hit because vehicle was still running. Electricity arc-ed onto the car from somewhere. Eventually, this charge cause the computer to malfunction, die.) I replaced the computer and car works fine.
Car starts, but idles up and down. Then just quits. When I try and give it gas it quits running. Fuel filter,fuel pump, spark plugs and wires were all changed.
Vehicle starts for 1 second n shuts down. When u turn the key in the ignition it starts then after 1 second cuts off... I have changed the engine harness, ECU, igniter unit, coils, spark plugs, fuel pump and fuel tank (fuel tank was rusty)but still no fix. Sometimes after a while of turning the key back all the way then forward to start again the vehicle will eventually start and run properly like a brand new vehicle then while driving it cuts off unexpectedly... Any one has an idea of a fix?
Starts, runs for about 30 seconds and chokes off. Just replaced the fuel pump so I know it's not that.
The car will start, but will die right away if you do not press the gas pedal.
& you have to hold the gas pedal the whole time, but no matter what it dies around 30 seconds.
Has anyone had this problem & found out what was the problem?
Had error codes for the crankshaft position sensor. I replaced that and still does not stay running or idle
I live part-time in Costa Rica. My car was imported used (not by me) from the States and I bought it second-hand here. Three different mechanics (one an electro-mechanic) have tried to diagnose the problem and failed. The fuel pump was replaced, as was the filter and thermostat. Injectors were rectified. Alarm disconnected. Three computer scans came out clean. They are mystified.