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Water pump leaking on Saturn SL2

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now this one is kinda tricky because ife you have had this car long enough to get it to this kind of high milage bolts tend to not wanna come out but the water pump is very easily accessed through the passager front wheel well. Take the tire off, remove the splash guards for the wheel well, now you will see the crank shaft pulley and to the left the pulley tentioner and to the right the water pump pulley (you will notice the water pump pulley has 3 10mm bolt on it. These bolts are torqued on very well so your going to need some leverage i suggest a cheater bar made from a pipe thats slightly flattened at one end to fit a wrench). Use a screwdriver to keep the pulley in place while you get one bolt out at a time. Wedge the screwdriver between two bolts and the chassis leaving one bolt bare. Put a 10mm box end wrench on the bare bolt put your cheater bar on the wrench and get them out one at a time.(you can remove the belt for this or not but when you take the bolts out make sure the belt is off only use belt as extra tention) then there will be 6 bolts that fix the water pump on the block take those out switch out water pumps replace gasket(rtv recommended) And reassemble