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Water Pump Inspection With Timing Belt Service at 60,000 Miles on Chevrolet Aveo

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Our technicians recommend having the timing belt replaced at 60,000 miles. They also recommend inspecting the water pump for coolant leaks while servicing the timing belt. If the water pump shows signs of leakage it should be replaced at this time.

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Chevrolet Aveo Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 68,439 (57,000–80,000)
6 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009
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I already got that replaced a year ago and it cost me less than $1,000 to get them both replaced. It is better to get both replaced instead of just the timing belt, because the water pump will eventually go out and it will leave you with enormous costs with the radiator, etc., down the road. It is smart to get them both replaced at or near 60,000 miles.
timing belt went out and caused damage to the valves causing me to have to get new timing belt, Head and valves , gaskets resulting in cost of @2,220.00
I had to replace my timing belt. It was making a really loud noise under my hood and luckily I brought it in right before it broke. Still cost about $500 to fix...
the timing belt idle pulley broke and because the engine is an interference engine the pistons and valves collided so now to repair it i need the head repaired. Had I known that the timing belt needed to be check at 60,000 miles i would have done it. now im looking at a very costly repair on my hands.
No power sounds like a deep hollow sound in the engine when you take the oil cap off happened all at once
I had the timing belt replace at 57,000 miles, but no one told me about the water pump that they worked together, so now my car is in the shop to replace the water pump and its going to cost me another $1,000. Taylor Chevrolet never said anything about the water pump or I would have it replace also.
timing belt broke, tensioner pulley broke, looking at Meijer costly repair. If we had known to replace timing belt we would have done it.