Water Leaks From the Front and/or Rear Roof Area on Jeep Compass

Water leaks may be noted from the front and/or rear roof area. Our technicians recommend to inspect the roof ditch and sunroof - Check all grommets and plugs, reseal roof seams, and replace the sunroof drain tubes if necessary.

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Average mileage: 50,966 (4,000–132,000)
9 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
56 people reported this problem
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2011 Jeep Compass 75,000 mi,
after a heavy rain, if the vehicle has been parked outdoors, water leaks in the area of the inside ceiling light!
2009 Jeep Compass 50,000 mi,
Jeep repeatedly leaks after it rains. Was told that the sunroof drains need to be cleared regularly--I do not know of any other car that requires this kind of maintenance. Wish I had discovered earlier that others were experiencing the same problem. This is a drviing hazard as the water dosn't come through the map light until you start moving. I am not easily startled but this often startles me because you don't expect to be doused with a steady stream of water while your car is moving! Reported this to the NTSB.
leaking water from drivers door to passengers door and the floor boards. the map light is always filled with water when it rains. Very irrigating when driving.
2010 Jeep Compass 19,256 mi,
I bought this new and had a slight leak twice . I thought I made a mistake and left the sun roof open a little. After a rain I was socked by a waterfall coming from my map lights. I called the dealership and they said the same thing.... clogged drain tubes. He cleaned them and for a while no leaks. Then it happened again.. Back to the dealership after a call to Jeep. This is 2014 and I am still having the problem. Socked carpet, bad smell, water marks on roof. I was told there is nothing Jeep can do but fix it again... the seventh time !!!!!! I was told my time had run out. I disagree since this problem was never fixed... the last time this happened a tec. was sent out that takes care of water leaks. He stated the wrong tubes were installed and there had been problems with them. He changed them and said that should take care of my problem. Well guess what ????? Still leaking.
2007 Jeep Compass 105,813 mi,
Water leaks from dome light when raining
2009 Jeep Compass 15,000 mi,
Have had and still have this problem with water coming thru my map light. The say it has to do with the drain in the sunroof and if you blow them out every couple of months you won't have a problem. Was never told when buying this that I would have to do it. I am in contact with Jeep and the dealer and hope it will be resolved before my warrenty is up. I am ready to trade it in....
2013 Jeep Compass 10,000 mi,
I'm just had the thing happen to me this morning and I have a 2014 Jeep compass . Never knew it was an issue until today.
2008 Jeep Compass 45,000 mi,
Sunroof causing leak on passenger side front corner, pouring streams out of overhead front light and sunroof control switch. Now leaking on drivers side. Had also had standing puddles of water in rear passenger foot area. Straining overhead upholstery, seats. At times smelling. Dripping on console and stereo panel.
My jeep compas's sunroof leaks when it rains and when I was my car. I have had it "fixed" at my local dealer 4 or 5 times now and it still continues. I have never been told the drainage system needs maintenance, like I read in other comments. I have always been told that I have a clog or damage. Everything has "supposedly" been replaced but I have lost all trust with the local dealer and I don't appreciate the way they treat me.
2008 Jeep Compass 33,000 mi,
heavy rain water collects in dome light
Have had an issue with water leaking from day one!! Started leaking into light and has continually gotten much worse. Now my floorboards in the back are saturated every time it rains. Would never buy another Jeep or recommend anyone else buy one!
Car was driven in the rain to work and after being at work for 8 hours, tried to start to go home. Car started but would not run and died when giving it gas. Towed it to jeep dealership and they said there was water in the PCM and that fried the PCM harness and another harness. Dealership called Chrysler and they said this would NOT be covered by warranty, because they have never heard of water getting into the PCM. What can I do? Donald 832-696-2317
2009 Jeep Compass 93,000 mi,
I jist bought my 2009 jeep compass and thw first day it rained and water just poured from the lights inside.
I have had this problem ever since I purchased this vehicle. every time it rains water holds inside the interior light by the sunroof. The water drains out into my gears..
2012 Jeep Compass 20,000 mi,
the retractable roof leaks....back to the dealer twice.....they couldnt figure out where it was leaking from, so they never did anything.....still leaking
2014 Jeep Compass 36,000 mi,
Its raining outside and water is pouring out of my front seat dome light.
Water leaks from the map light when it rains and now having problems with map light not turning off
2009 Jeep Compass 4,000 mi,
Sunroof was leaking and I took it back to the dealership. They told me it was not a defect & they cleared the plugged up drain. I took it back every time it leaked a they used a tool to unclog this. As my car approached the warranty expiration they told me I would be charged for this service. I again told them this was a defect & they insisted it wasn't. Now, when I take it to my own mechanic, I have them clear the drain but it still leaks in between service appointments so I try to clear it myself with weedwacker string as recommended by other Jeep owners with the same problem. I also think it's a safety hazard as it leaks while you are driving.
2008 Jeep Compass 132,000 mi,
I have an 08 Jeep Compass I just bought used. First rain, water came spewing from the overhead light and sunroof button console. Several days with no rain then another very heavy rain and it is pouring water down the stick, the radio, and into the console. Haven't taken it in yet but sounds like Jeep didn't fix the problem years ago and are still selling it that way. Maybe time for a factory recall for repair (not a great start to the first American car I have owned in years...)?!?
2007 Jeep Compass 70,100 mi,
Water drips from my map lights when it rains. Was told I probably have clogged drains from my sunroof. I hope this isn't going to be expensive to fix.