Chrysler 300 Problems

Transmission Issues Due to Water Intrusion From the Dipstick Tube on Chrysler 300

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Water may leak into the transmission from the dipstick tube, causing fluid contamination and a shudder during light acceleration. New seals for the dipstick tube are available; the transmission fluid should be flushed as well. If the problem lingers, a new torque converter may be needed.

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Chrysler 300 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 69,000 (30,000–132,000)
Drive Train affected: 2WD
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2010
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I had shuttering in my transmission took it to the dealer and they said it was water in my transmission. I bought the car used with 30,000 miles on it and purchased a warranty. The warranty company said they will not cover it and Chrysler said its not their problem so now I am out the cost of a transmission and I'm mas as hell.
Took car into dealer for shuddering. They told me it was due to bad torque converter. After market warranty company told me that vehicle was flooded or someone must have poured water into my transmission. Idiots at dealership pretty much acted like they have never heard of such a thing. Thanks so much for this blog!! This crap crosses the very thin line of do you think I am stupid or you are smarter than me - either way you are pissing me off!
Water in Transmission, having problems. Car would not change from 2nd to 3rd gear. Complained to dealership,now need new transmission. Extended warranty will not pay for water intrusion, because it is not mechanical. Chrysler Corp says it is not manufacture defect. So does the consumer just lose!!!
It cost me 6300.00 for new transmission on this car than new rotors 300.00 cause this car had been in water! I fought with dealership and Chrysler Corp over warranty they rejected which I paid 1790.00. This is a defect they know it! If everyone would report it than maybe they would see it's a defect! I was overcharged and cheated and on top that I had just bought car had 3 months when transmission went out! I never buy anither crysler or buy another car from bob Moore in Oklahoma City! 14,000 dollars I paid for piece junk than had put , 6,000.00 more in it for transmission! Crap cars!
I got rid of mine and never own another crysler!!
This is defect and crysler knows it, don't buy 2005 or 2010 or just don't buy a crysler!
Transmission failure with metal gear parts in pan and blackened fluid. Water was leaking into the transmission case around the transmission fill tube from the AC drip. Piss poor design. Rebuilt, upgraded, and waterproofed at 2500 dollars cost.
This occurred on my 300C about 3 years ago, with less than 15k miles at the time. It turned out to be the result of boutique car washes that use high-pressure for under-body cleaning. The little "O" ring that seals the dip-stickless tube to the transmission was not tight enough to prevent water under such pressure from being forced into the transmission. Not long after the wash, the transmission went into "safe" mode (2nd gear only) and was flat-bed carried to a Chrysler service center, where soapy water was present when the fluid was drained. The repair included a metering block replacement, complete flush, new fluid and a different "cap" on the tube leading to the transmission. As it turned out, the weak cap seal was the subject of a service bulletin update so I was not charged. At 37k miles, no further problems since.
I had a code p0700 and p0730 took it to get looked at told me I had water in transmission took it to Chrysler to be flushed and told them about it it's from the accumulator it's right above the dip tube and this is leaking water into the transmission so the fix is 3.00 but now My torque converter is messed up and now has to be replaced Chrysler new about the problem and now in screwed to fix it it's bs
I was out on highway at 60 mph when my Chrysler 300 slammed back into second gear and stuck.
next morning I called dealership where I bought it and took it in on a Saturday had to leave it.
I have been told that I ran my car into deep waters and let it set and the vent on transmission sucked in water. Well I only had 3 months and every now and than it would shift hard and was told that that's good transmission. After 5 days going back and forth on this car which is still in shop I gave it back to them and I said I did not run into deep water. I said you do whats right and give me another car cause I am not taking that one back, you sold it to me. I don't know how deep water this car has been in but I ask if gurantee motor and oh they cant do that. Fine I aint taking it home, its theirs! They would have to list this on flood damage I think so no im not taking this car. I also paid 1,790.00 for warranty that rejected it.
Transmission shuddering at shift points originally, then shuddering most of the time. Replaced torque converter and transmission pump. Was told there may have been water in the transmission, but none was found during replacement.