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Water Leak Due to HVAC Case Not Sealed at Bulkhead on Chrysler Pacifica

Problem Description and Possible Solution

If the HVAC (heater) housing is not properly sealed at the bulkhead (firewall), water can leak into the passenger compartment. Foam sealant should be used to seal any gaps and the evaporator drain tube can be modified to prevent further water entry.

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Chrysler Pacifica Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 85,786 (24,000–140,932)
3 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2007
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passenger side floor is always wet, have taken it to 2 different mechanics to be "fixed" and still, it's always wet. Now I can tell the Dealership exactly what the problem is, word for word... hopefully this time it will be fixed correctly!
Passenger side floor always wet. Was told to have interior ac filter changed to see if that would eliminate problem, but it hasn't. Have there been any recalls on this issue? If not, about how much would it cost to repair?
Bought the Chrysler Pacifica Touring Edition 6/16/2013 and since then I have been stranded multiple times for reasons from not starting at all the next day after I got the car and had to have it fixed then the transmission went out while I was camping at Ruth Lake , the dealership I got it from said I was stuck with the car, and I had to pay to have transmission replaced,then when I got it back from that there is a new water leak and I was told the water pump was fine, and that I did not need to worry. Now I'm again with out a car I can drive, because while driving down the hwy 101 the engine completely shut off and I lost all power. I am a single mother of two teenage boys and I simply do not have the extra cash to dump into this$ 10,000 hunk of crap car and if anyone could just give me a little advice as to how to fix it ,I will be forever grateful. It will not even start up anymore. It seems like it wants to but can't. Please help.. this sad owner of a sauer lemon of a car. Chrysler should have recalled the whole lot of cars or just not have made the Pacifica to start with.
I bought the car from enterprise. The car had 24000 miles. I had a sunroof put on the car when I purchased the car. Always thought that the sunroof was the problem. Checked it out many times only to find no problem. Car now has 76000 miles still with leak.. I will check out tomorrow to see if the problem is the HVAC housing not properly being sealed. I will also check the drain tube. After having this problem for more than 4 years it would be nice to have it fixed. Only one other problem with car the radiator had to be replaced, otherwise the Pacifica has been good to us.
Water is leaking into the driver's and the passenger side floor. Had the heater core replace but it didn't fix the problem.