Various Faults Due to Intenal Leak at the Oil Seperator on Porsche Boxster

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Smoke, oil consumption, and fuel trim issues with various fault codes can be traced to an internal leak at the oil separator.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 78,644 (42,000–125,000)
14 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
36 people reported this problem
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I had my oil changed and went to see my grandaughters 2 days later. I had traveled less than 100 miles after oil being changed and the next thing I know, a huge mount of white smoke was coming from rear tailpipe. I stopped car and called husband who told me to check oil..I checked it, however, wasnt sure how and unsure if their was any oil in it. I started car up again, and after going less than 5 miles the smoke was so bad, cars coming in other direction were yelling out window.."CARS SMOKING!".Just as I was about to stop again, the CHECK ENGINE light came on...I pulled over and had to call my son to come get me, as I did not want to drive any further! Firestone (who did oil change) had my car towed to their facility in Atlanta the next day and called to tell me the smoke was related to 'OIL SEPERATOR problem" and had NOTHING TO DO WITH RECENT OIL CHANGE AND DENIED RESPONSIBILIGY..THEY ARE HAVING MY CAR TOWED TO PORSCHE DEALERSHIP AND I AWAIT THEIR CALL FOR FINAL DIAG AFTER AN AUTHORIZED PORSCHE MECHANIC CHECKS CAR OUT"..HOWEVER, IN LOOKING ON WEB TO FIND INFO IT APPEARS THIS MAY BE CAUSE OF OIL SEPERATOR GONE BAD. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS WAS NOT DETECTED BY MECHANIC DURING MY 130$ OIL CHANGE WHO CALL THEMSELVES PROFFESIONALS? ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THIS MAY COST IN REPAIRS BY THE PORSCHE DEALERSHIP? THAT IS WHERE MY CAR IS AT THE MOMENT AND I AWAIT CALL FOR FURTHER INFO...COULD THE OIL CHANGE HAVE CAUSED THIS ISSUE????"
Dealer described as "catastophic oil-seperator failure". Engine started missing, within 1/4 mile I was engulfed in black smoke. $2,500 later.....Should a part just "catastrophically" fail?
Noticed some smoke at start up. No major change in the way it was running, but knew the smoke waan't right. also noticed some change in engine sound at start up. At the shop now, being repaired.
Boxter began to smoke a lot. Checked oil and it was 3-4 qts low. No engine light came on. Put oil in and took to dealership in Detroit. Air oil separator failure was diagnosis. $900.00 fix. 3000 miles later and still running fine with no smoke.
Check engine light illuminated. 02 sensor was blocked with oil. Failure of oil separator allowed oil to enter the sensor.
In the process of getting the AOS replaced now. Horrible amount of white smoke on start up. Already replaced the coolant reservoir, and the convertible top.