valve covers on Infiniti G35

Problem Data
Average mileage: 97,750 (90,000–109,000)
2 model years affected: 2004, 2005
7 people reported this problem
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o-ring gaskets on the valve covers that go around the spark-plug tubes leaked oil into the back spark plugs on both sides of the motor. My husband is a ASE certified mechanic, so we bought gaskets for him to change them. When he removed the valve covers he realized the o-ring gaskets that go around the spark plug tubes cannot be replaced -- they are made to the valve covers! We had to buy a set of valve covers at $600+ to be able to put the motor back together. He's never seen a motor where the o-rings gaskets are made to the valve covers and cannot be replaced. BEWARE!
Was changing the spark plug when I found oil had flooded the spark plug well for cylinder #6 . So much that I couldn't even see the spark plug. After looking it up it seems like that this is a common problem for these cars. My mechanic/uncle took a look at it and verified that he had done a valve cover replacement for this specific model many times. The only sign that anything was wrong was that I was getting very poor gas milage, I did not have any misfire codes, and my oil levels did not decrease significantly between oil changes. I did notice however that my oil did turn brown a lot faster than it should. If I had not checked my spark plugs, I would probably still be driving around with a bad valve cover.