Mark VII

Turn Off Air Suspension System Before Jacking/Lifting Vehicle on Lincoln Mark VII

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Prior to jacking or lifting a vehicle with air suspension, you must turn off the suspension switch. The switch is generally located in the trunk or on the right side of the passenger foot well.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 140,000 (140,000–140,000)
3 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992
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sears did a front brake job. took them 6 hours. when asked why so long reply was "just wanted to get it right. Lots of problems immediately after; shaking steering wheel, emergency brake, but most of all suspension not operating properly. Advised them immediatly.

Returned day later for loud moaning noise when backing up,. mechanic told me ok sometimes dirt gets into ? in older cars. its ok. Not ok returned again new manager brought mechanic in to fix and told me "they were put on backwards" Advise again suspension not working properly reply was "don't know nothing about that" and walked away. Did not answer my correspondence. Did another alignment and another tire balancing seemed to stop shaking. Had recently done both. After second one said rack & pinion leaking. No under car checks prior showed leaks

I managed to work the suspension enough to drive by opening closing doors,, flipping switch, etc. All of a sudden stopped starting. No warning. Right before that when you would step on the brake pedal and start the car you could hear the susp motor come on and go off as you took your foot on and off the pedal. Also felt clunk under my foot.

Towed to sears they put starter in and started buy had towed to mechanic said isnt starter but alternator. Sears mechanic that did the brake job was terminated but Im still in negotiation with sears to pay. Person knows more about it no longer there; but tipped me off to talk to manager and said something about a metal plate . Were the brakes on backwards? im sure switch was not turned off. Front airbags do have a leak, compressor bad sway bar link kit and struts are needed. After second alignment sears told me rack and pinion leaking. Mechanic said power steering leaking a little because the dust boot clamp was loose. There's lots more to story but all damage seems to be in the front of the vehicle where the brakes are.

Before I knew how low the car was I pulled out of a parking space where a concrete bumper was and the car needed fuel to back up. I step on the gas and it cleared it all right but it was the loudest scraping sound I have ever heard. Could that have anything to do with anything? Sears wants me to find someone to say they caused the damage. I know they did but there is not anyone that will get involved. Matter of fact Ken Grody Ford said both bags leaking and rack & pinion leaking on both ends and thats all i needed to know

The car did not have any of these problems before i took there for a front brake job. I do have lots of documentation and tomorrow will be submitting an invoice but really would like some information on what the hell could that mechanic really did that caused this. What other damage could there be. If you drove a vehicle for approx a week with the front brakes on backwards what else could be effected? Also the emergency brake : when I released it came back so hard and fast it cut my hand and bruised it really bad. What is that all about? Would appreciate any thoughts anyone has.