Q: Trouble Code P1700 and faulty output shaft speed sensor on 2003 Land Rover Range Rover

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could anyone help with this trouble code P1700 and also the cause.Also of a faulty output shaft speed sensor.i would like to know the cause and how it could be fixed.

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Have you looked to see if there is a fuse in box under pass. seat in position 11 recall as it puts the transfer case in NEUTRAL for towing. It seems like it is top right corner and when it is powered you will get TRANSFER NEUTRAL. I am workin a 97 RR and had the same problem. I also have P0722 output speed sensor code,goes from 1st to 3rd then gearbox fault...I m trying to get wire diagram to chase the source of that...Jay
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P1700 fault code signifies a problem in the "transfer box controller signal fault". Possible source of this problem are a faulty transfer box control module, faulty wiring, or bad electrical connector connections at the transfer box.
I work on some Range Rovers but have not come across this problem. Find someone in your area with Range Rover experience, this is not a common problem, someone with Rover experience should look at this.