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Erratic Shifting of the Automatic Transmission on Chevrolet Impala

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Erratic and hard shifting can occur from a failed transmission pressure control solenoid. To fix this issue, a partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

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Chevrolet Impala Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 115,471 (118–1,113,243)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, FWD
15 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
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once i am at a complete stop and i get ready to go the car will take a moment and then jerk. I have also found that i am having problems with it shifting to the next gear. We have had it checked several times with no resolution. I don't understand why this isn't being recalled it seems to me like i am not the only one with this problem
Car hesitates and bucks when I begin from a "rolling stop." If I COMPLETELY stop for about three seconds and THEN try to go, usually it will work fine if I start really slowly (can't gun this car at ALL anymore...). Sometimes, I can feel it shift down when I'm stopped for a bit longer. I'll get a hard shift while moving every now and then, but the worst problems are beginning from a short or rolling stop and trying to accelerate to turn. When I accelerate to turn, it will act like it's dying, then suddenly engage and go.
Bought the car with 41000 miles, ran fine until I had a traction control issue, this was fixed and now I am having a transmission shifting issue. This does not happen all the time only periodically. When I take off from a stop it will hesitate then it will jerk into gear as I proceed, also taking off from an incline it hesitated so much that it almost felt like it was in neutral, but it also made a slight grinding noise before it picked up and then ran fine again. I have taken the car in 2-3 times now and each time they tell me there is nothing they can do as there are no lights on to tell them what the problem is! SO am I supposed to wait until I am stuck somewhere?
My car jerks while driving between the gears 1-3. I really love my impala, but fixing the tranny is scarry time to look for new car. I don't think I am going chevy this time. Is it worth fixing?
The transmission issue of shifting erratically just started but only when the car has been on the road for more then 30 minutest or so. Was checked out through a Chevrolet dealer and told it would cost $1000.00 to fix the solinoid issue. I would like to fix it myself.
If I dont come to a complete stop and accelerated the gear takes a second to engage and causes the car to lurch forward suddenly with a slam making it feel like i was hit from behind.
Everytime my speedometer stops working on the dash my transmission stops changing gears I was wondering could this be an electrical problem or do I need to replace my computer
When starting either in the morning or after work I have to rev the gas to get my car in gear. I was told it was the trans filter. I changed that , but it still does. I hear now it's the Pressure control sensor. Can any one tell me approx. how much does it cost to repair>
from time to time my transmission acts as if it slipping and jerks from one gear to the next. has not had the problem fixed,because it just started.
transmission lost third gear at 140000 and had it rebuilt which included all updates to trans. Now while cruising at 40 or 45mph it doesn't want to stay in overdrive or the torque converter is locking and unlocking. It will do this cold or hot and does it continuesly, have not brought it anywhere for diagnosis and there is no check engine light on. Would the computer store a tranny code and not light up the check engine light?
Brought the Car Used.... Drivetime (Very Clean, Fully Loaded) Great Vehicle aside from the Jerking that started around 110k miles. Jerking and hesitating only during take offs from stop light or signs. I noticed it a little sluggish in reverse leaving driveway slightly uphill as if vehicle doesn't had the power.
Transmission shifts hard from low to second and second to third after driving around town slow for a while. After it sits for a few days, it won't do it again for a day or two
car started feeling like it was slipping gears and jerking when turning corners or trying to speed up.
At first Good Year had supposedly started doing a diagnostic check on the catalytic converter & told me they had 3 codes show up for the fuel system & 2 other codes & told me they could not finish the test & to bring my car to the GM dealership for a catalytic converter test.On march 23,2011 i had taken the car to the GM dealership & told them to run a catalytic converter test to see if the converter was bad or not.The GM dealership came up with 3 different codes & not 1 of the codes showed that the converter was bad.The codes that was bad were as follows:Pressure control solenoid(located in the transmission),Radiator thermostat & a code showing the transmission was slipping(which could be caused from the pressure control solenoid being bad).The total estimated cost for these repairs would be $756.00 as long as they don't run into any other problems along the way,and the estimated repair cost that i give you is just for fixing the pressure control solenoid & the radiator thermostat.They also said before tearing the transmission apart to fix the pressure control solenoid,they could try changing the pressure control sensor to see if that might be the problem,but they wouldn't know for sure.
Car shifts hard about 30 minutes into driving and after slowing down or making a complete stop. Seems to overheat too but temperature gauge doesn't go past half.
car would shift hard after half hour of driving. Took it to an independent transmission shop. Valve was sticking in valve body. replaced valvebody for $500 and worked since
on 2002 monte carlo shifting extremely hard feels like trani gonna fall out had valves and solenoid change called chevy they said there was nothing they could do there was no recall but now I am reading on computer its not only the montes that are having this problem it is alot of chevy vehicles love the car but have already fixed many thing on it it is a shame that chevy cant make a good product any more and it is rather sad that they wont fox these problems either