Saturn Vue Problem Report

Saturn Vue Transmission Fault and/or Check Engine Light With Code P0716, P0776, P0717, P0777, P2714, P2715, and/or P02723

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Vehicles with a 6speed automatic transmission may develop one or more of the following faults related to a broken 35R clutch wave plate inside the transmission: Illumination of the Check Engine Light with code P0716, P0776, P0717, P0777, P2714, P2715, and/or P02723, loss of reverse gear, slipping or harsh 3rd or 5th gear shift. Removal and dis-assembly of the transmission will be required to replace the broken 35R wave plate. It is also extremely important that all debris from the failed part be cleaned from the transmission while it is disassembled in order to try and prevent future problems.

Car started jerking when downshifting ..Per dealership..a broken wave plate is the culprit. Need new transmission..just my luck, 5 year warranty expired 9/2012, but only have 57,000 miles on this regularly maintenienced car. Now I see that this has been a common problem in this car..and I feel it should've been a recall issue but guess since it is not "life-threatening" it was not designated as such. VERY disappointing for a previously proud saturn owner and her pocketbook :( -
Car will not shift into reverse and when in drive will not shift from 1st. Dealer said it was due to a 35Clutch Wave Plate that broke & will cost$3500 to replace. I feel GM should pay the full amount to fix it! -
same problem with no indication or warning prior to the existence of the condition. I try to promote and stand by American made products but for the average joe there is not much return for this type of loyalty. Bottom line Our car companies don't produce the best product they can and they don't stand by the ones they put out. -
I had the same problem hard to shift lost reverse. They rebuilt it and I haven't put 10,000 miles on it now the same thing is starting hard shifting, loud noise. Then try to find a dealer to work on it. It took 6 weeks to get it back the first time. -
Check engine light is on and I have nor gears either forward or reverse. The car is a AWD with automatic and I'm having a heck of a problem seeking solutions. Seems like the repair is far more expensive than the actual overall value of the vehicle if it was running. As a loyal GM consumer its a shame they just won't step up to the plate and help out on the solutions for us! I've purchased 7 brand new GM vehicles and 12 used ones (as far as I can remember)so I expect a little loyalty from the fortune spent on them! -
complete loss of all gears. DTC P0777, P0796, P2715, P2723, P2724. The result of a 35r broken wave plate. Got a new reman trans from GM for $2350.00. Labor calls for 10+ hrs for a tech like myself but a good handyman with a little bit of mechanical know how and swap it. If you take it to a shop expect to pay anywhere from $3300 to $3900 for a job done right. Any less and you will run into this problem AGAIN. DONT USE A SALVAGE YARD trans in this case. There are updates when you buy one from GM that keep this from happening again with so little miles. If anyone charges you less then $3300.00, be Leary, they are most likely not educated enough to complete said repairs properly and or they are using a junk yard "salvage" transmission. Also thru GM the warranty that is offered is 3yr 36k miles. not bad for the price of comfort and not having this same issue again later. Good luck! -
Car would not accelerate from a stop. Would not engage in first gear. -
Rebuilt transmission -
Transmission failed on hwy. Lost 5th, 3rd and Reverse. I tried to drive using manual gear mode but after stopping transmission went into saving mode which allowed me to drive ony in 1st gear. Turned engine off. Started it again and was able to manually switched gears again. Went up to 6th gear skipping 3rd and 5th and somehow was able to get to the service. New transmission installed and $4000 bill. -
Started slipping in 5th gear between 50-60mph, then out of nowhere (without check engine light or other indicator) it started slipping in 3rd gear, especially when accelerating. The car is sitting in a garage being tested right now. -
Rebuilt transmission -
the car would not shift eventually leading to complete transmission failure. It is in the GM dealers garage now having a new transmission installed for $4100.00. Never knew of the issue -
At deal now said trans is shot and needs a rebuilt unit . This was today called and have a Gm. Claims person calling me by monday or tuesday. They know there a major problem with wave point .what ever that part is. Dealer asking $5500 to do the repairs .also something about the throttle body being carbon and needing to be cleaned. All works on hold for now. -
On return from trip stopped for a coffee. I ordered and went to drive away and car would not go. Employees pushed my car out of the way. I waited for a bit and car did go a few feet before it malfunctioned. Had the car towed home. Again drove a few feet and failed again. Just spoke to repair shop preliminary report is I have lost reverse third and fifth gear. I am physically ill over this hardship. I truly thought six years ago that this car was a wise choice and would last me many many years. Shame on GM for not doing the right thing. -
car was being alined when technician could not get it in reverse. Later found gears 3 - 5 missing also. -
Power steering went out and the transmission is failing except reverse. Don't know what to do.... -
Lost 3rd through 6th gear and reverse. -
Same issue, 2008 Saturn Vue, 55K miles and it is now in shop because transmission went out due to cheap china wave plate part. Should have been a recall and GM responsible for all of these. This is why people leaving GM. -
Transmission would not change gears from 3rd to 4th. Also after parking, the transmission would not go into reverse gear. -
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