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Transmission failure on Chrysler 300

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check engine light on while on expressway. pulled over and vehicle would not move while in drive. shut engine could not shift to D or any gear. shut engine was able to shit to , but car still not moving. revved engine and car barely moved at 2000 rpm went to 3000 and it move slightly faster like its slipping or lagging finally shifted to a higher gear. Problem continued. brought to dealer they flased the TCM software. car work until amonth after it failed again. this is a 2014 Chrysler S and only 3 months old !
in the rain going about 40 mph it just started revving as if I had shifted into neutral but after about 5 min it started driving ok but left an eng light on. I called dealer and can't ge in until next week. Meanwhile I am stuck at home for fear of breaking down.
when I fill the gas tank to full and the pump kicks off I remove the top off. When I leave the gas station the car stalls three to four times. I have to shift to neutral and restart. Then problem goes away after I used some gas. Took car to Dealer for repairs and got car back and still not repaired. I need help!
2014 Chrysler 300 only has 4,500 miles and the transmission went out. Was driving it fine the day before and the next morning the RPM gage started bouncing everywhere and I started to loose power, Engine light went on came to a stop off freeway. At full gas pedal was only getting out 2mph for speed.
Had it towed to the dealership, they thougt it was a software issue that was causing shifting problems. Turns out the Budding Valve in the transmission needs to be replaced. DILEMA: Part is back ordered No ETA.!