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Engine Start and Stall and/or Transmission Stuck in Second Gear on Chrysler LeBaron

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Vehicles may develop a start and die out condition or a transmission that defaults to second gear. Our technicians tell us that the transmission control module (TCM) may be at fault and require replacement. If the TCM is replaced the pinion factor should be reset and the quick learn procedure performed.

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Chrysler LeBaron Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 140,506 (65,600–170,000)
5 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, more1995
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Car abruptly shifts into second gear when slowing down. Will not shift normally until ign is shut off & car restarted then shifts fine for an arbitrary (ten minutes to three days) time until it does it again.
My car just started slipping like this. I'm trying to fix it now. Guess I'll start with the TCM.
my car will be driving fine then when i brake it will shutter in and out of gear. then it will get stuck in 2nd gear and will stay there until i turn off the car. going into neutral then back into drive doesnt do anything.
Shifts through all gears sometimes, after a stop and go it will become stuck in usually 2nd or 3rd gear.
If I hit the brake before 2nd gear it would down shift hard and not up shift I have to shut it off and turn it back on
Car not shifting out of 3rd gear until I turn it off and on again. Some times it works and some time I have to leave it off for a while so it can cool down. If not it heats up