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The Engine May Stall After Extended Freeway Driving on Chevrolet Cavalier

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The torque converter clutch can stick "on" after extended freeway driving causing the engine to stall when coming to a stop. Our technicians tell us when this occurs, the engine usually will restart and stall when put into gear. After allowing about twenty minutes for the engine and transmission to cool down, the engine will start and the transmission will operate normally. Replacing the torque converter clutch solenoid, transmission filter, and fluid will generally correct this issue.

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Chevrolet Cavalier Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 117,971 (59,000–210,000)
Drive Train affected: Automatic Transmission
9 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1999, 2004, 2005
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I had the same problem. I unplugged the blue connection cable to the transmission. Problem solved.
I have also had the problem with my car stalling whenever I drove more than 10-12 miles (so frustrating)!!! This wasn't happening any more with freeway driving than it was with just driving on the city streets. It happened equally.

About 4 years ago, the problem was finally found and corrected (after much hit and miss). The transmission sensor was heating up, and once that sensor was unplugged (up above the front driver's side of the car), the problem was taken care of. Having the sensor unplugged does not cause any additional problems with the car, so no worries there.

Please note though: I have to remember to tell mechanic's who work on my car to please NOT plug it back in (thinking that they are doing a good thing). Otherwise, I'll find out they did as soon as my car starts stalling again.
Car would stall after driving on the interstate and I came to a stop. The torque converter solenoid is bad and transmission shop fixed it for free. He just unplugged the harness and no more problem. He told me if I wanted it replaced it would only cost $150-$200. He said I would lose a few hundred rpm and a little gas mileage but I'm still getting 25mpg in town!
It will drive just fine - come to a stop - shuts off - put it in gear and it starts! Midas tried over four hours to find the problem - they cleaned this and that - not sure.
When stoping at a light the engine would shake and stall. It will start right back up but stalls if put in gear. After sitting for couple min after you put it in gear it will not stall. At least until the next time a little later down the road
I too have had the problem of getting on the freeway and getting off and coming to a stop and the car stalling/