The Engine May Stall After Extended Freeway Driving on Buick Century

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The torque converter clutch can stick "on" after extended freeway driving causing the engine to stall when coming to a stop. Our technicians tell us when this occurs, the engine usually will restart and stall when put into gear. After allowing about twenty minutes for the engine and transmission to cool down, the engine will start and the transmission will operate normally. Replacing the torque converter clutch solenoid, transmission filter, and fluid will generally correct this issue.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 131,169 (68,000–180,000)
9 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2003
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Can drive the car from house into town and then once you shut off the car it wont stay running and dies as soon as you touch the brake or let off the gas. After the car sits for over an hour it will usually restart just fine.
Torque converter locks up when transmission gets warm. Then stalls when attempting to stop the vehicle in gear. Let cool for a few minutes and it's good as new, until the next time.
I never ever had the problem again, plus it is nice and fast for an older vehicle. KC

The same thing happened to me. I would have to rev the engine to keep it moving with the other foot on the brake. It went away for a while then started alot more a couple months later. I took it to a mechanic and had him run a diagnostic on it. I happened to come and check on it when he got to the part where he drawed the gas from the injectororwhatever. He said "smell this, this aint gas". I smelled it and it smelled like watered down gas.

He said to run the car out of gas, to fill it with higher octane gas and do a tank like that. I did, but I never went back to the lower octane. I try to go to name brand gas stations and always do the highest octane available 91 or 93.

I never ever had the problem again, plus it is nice and fast for an older vehicle. KC
I have the same exact problem with my 1995 Buick Century Special 2.2. L
During the winter it only took about 5 minutes for me to run it again, but now that the weather is getting warmer it is happening more often, and taking longer to work again.

I am going to try and replace the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid, as I read here. If it works out good, I will post again saying thank you and job well done.
Problem is as described by others, I'm running the vehicle with the TCC solenoid unplugged. Gas MPG dropped by about 2 mpg which is acceptable considering the work involved to replaced that solenoid.
after driveing a while when stoping the motor dies, will start up, but dies when put in gear then engene dies again with hard jolt.
When coming to a stop after extended driving - freeway or otherwise - car would stall. Took it to a mechanic friend, who disconnected the cable to the torque converter lock solenoid. Issue was corrected, but he advised I would not get optimal gas mileage, especially in freeway driving conditions.