Suzuki XL-7 Problems

A Rattling Type Noise May be Heard from the Front of the Engine on Suzuki XL-7

Problem Description and Possible Solution

An abnormal noise from the timing chain area is likely due to a failed timing chain tensioner. This condition is generally caused by lack of oil to the timing chain guides and the guides will need replacement. 

The check engine light can illuminate and set a P0008 trouble code when this issue occurs. This is due to the Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors detecting that the engine timing is out of specification. 

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Suzuki XL-7 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 105,160 (10,000–265,395)
8 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
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My lower engine is making a clunking noise as if something is loose and tumbling around in there--sounds like a loose nut or bolt. Mostly does it at low idle or upon acceleration--is this the timing chain tensioner?
My car had it's first set of timing chains replaced at 40,000 miles. In September of 2013, the 4th set of timing chains was replaced! The car is still rattling and the engine light is still on. Six different mechanics have said the problem is the timing chain again! Took the car back to the dealership, and they said that the engine is now ruined and needs to be replaced. They said the whole problem is that I haven't changed the oil enough!! I have 7 years of receipts for changing the oil every 1,500 - 2,000 miles! This car cannot get 5,000 miles out of an oil change because the engine light comes on and the oil lights. It will say to shut off engine and beep continually!
I even have have mileage oil and a new filter put in every time. Have spent a fortune on oil changes!! Does anyone know a good lawyer that will take a class action suit for all of us????
It has not been fixed because it is too expensive. It's making a loud noise, P008 code and I cant get it inspected. I have been told it is the crank cam bank? I see this is very common with this model and I BELIEVE it should be recalled!
I have been hearing this sound recently also. Any idea how much repair costs are if Suzuki does not cover it? It seems to be concentrated at the front of the engine right at the timing chain cover.
Sounds like something is rattling in the fan, but it's coming from the valve cover.
Is loudest at idle speeds. Does not seen to effect the performance, as there is no miss
or hesitation in the motor. Going to petition Suzuki to fix it under this information
I am having this problem now... AGAIN. This will be the third time within the last 13 months that the timing chain needs to be replaced.
I have no other complaints about the car, but this is a big problem.
I also have had issue 2007 Suzuki XL7. I failed emmissions. Error codes p0008, p0009, p0016, p0017, and p0018. I will keep you posted. If I had known all the Suzuki dealerships would leave Wisconsin I would never had bought this car. Will not buy another car from this company again. I will go straight to Toyota or Honda. Never again. This is crap. I bought this car with 10,000 miles on it.
Check light intermittently comes on and goes off. The OBDII code is P0008 which means there is something wrong with the timing chain system. The engine will run sometimes rough and then the check engine light will come on. Sometimes I can hear the chain rattle on startup. It appears that the GM designed and Suzuki built 3.6 V6 engine has a design flaw and the chains can stretch I have not fixed mine yet, but will soon. Info below is from the manual

The Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors the position of both camshafts and the crankshaft. The ECM performs a test for misalignment between both camshafts on one bank of the engine and the crankshaft. During the test the ECM learns the position of the camshafts and the crankshaft. While the engine is idling, the ECM compares the position of both the camshafts and the crankshaft with the learned value. The ECM will set the P0008 code if both learned values for one bank of the engine are exceeding a calibrated threshold in the same direction.
I had to have the timing chain repaired in 2010, and 2011. Now the car has 120,000 miles and the problem is back!! The dealer refuses to pay for the repair since it is past the 100,000 mile powertrane warranty!!
What constitutes Lemon Law??
We bought our Suzuki in May 2012... before we took delivery they had to replace the timing chain. It ran fine for a year or so and we took a trip to Florida and broke down on our way home. Diagnosis pulled code P0008 and that was making all the cylinders misfire also. Took it to the Chevy dealer we bought it from, said we're over 12 months so they won't fix it. They called the local Suzuki dealer who originally replaced the timing chain and they also said we're over their 12 month warranty. We put less than 30,000 miles on it before it went bad... this should definitely be a recall... HELP
timing chain and tensioner failed..rattlinmg noise turned to stall and hesitation...very expensive fix..should be recalled!
Just started noticing this noise last week; sounds like light valve knocking but it occurs only when I turn to the left. Then my check engine light came on Friday 10/5. I needed an oil change anyway, so when at Valvoline the tech read the engine codes and they were misfire codes (I didn't get the code #'s - stupid!). Now two days later, on a cold (28 degree but car in garage) Monday morning, 10/8, the car won't start. AAA on the way.
Was told nothing I did or didn't do could cause this n that it's a frequent problem with xl7 n as it stands my
Car was under warranty til April 27 of this year and the problem started May 22 and Suzuki says to bad no warranty and their customer service
People are beyond rude she was names sherry at the Brea corporate office and hung up on me put me on hold without even letting me know worst experience ever this company is horrible I can't believe they will not stand behind their name! If this was a problem I caused or common wear and tear I would understand but to have my mechanic and the Suzuki mechanics say it's no fault of mine n the company say too bad is an outrage!!!
Timing chain PO008 came on at 103k. Suzuki would not fix it under warranty so I left it alone. Cost to replace was $1500 at that time. At 144k chain broke. Only solution is to replace engine.
Has been making noise, especially upon startup, for 20k miles or so ... quiets down upon warming up , so wasn't that worried ...might be chain tensioner and/or valve lifters bleeding down while static (I thought...) ... now have lost oil pressure ( light came on while wife was driving ... had her check the level and proceed carefully watching for light to home ... about 7 miles ... light came on flickering 2 times and she stopped to rest it in hopes of cooling oil and allowing reserve to build up ...) checked oil in morning (at home now) , was up (between marks...)but looked dark with reddish tint and thinner than normal ... may have been past time to change(dirty/diluted) , checked oil and added 1 qt. to top off and started (BTW this engine consistently has used oil, but not leaking... must be burning about 1 qt every couple K's or so , since new !) , oil pressure light is now out , but now I hear a bad rod bearing knock ... oh well ! Don't know if I want to pull this engine down to repair or just slam a good used one in to save the time/effort/money(... yeah, I know , out of the pan into the fire , right?!)... such is life!
Rattling sound when accelerating at lower rpm range. Have appt with Suzuki repair in Spokane Valley for fix.