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It's July 2015, I just had the exact same experience with timing chain replacement costing me 4k since out of power train warranty by 2k miles. Beshoff Infiniti in San Jose CA. Started out with hissing sound for 10 mins each morning. My QX56 was less than 3 years old. There was a bulletin Infiniti released to all shops on 09/2013 notifying they recognized bad part relating to timing chain. For some reason, it did not become a RECALL!? It seems many of us experience the exact same issue with the exact same car. LET'S COMBINE OUR EFFORTS TO MAKE A MORE POWERFUL STATEMENT. Please mail me your experience and provide your VIN# and contact info, I will gather all of our stories and send them to the management team at Infiniti, all the owners of Infiniti dealerships, newspapers, social media, blogs, consumer protection groups, etc. AS A GROUP, WE CAN SPEAK MORE STRONGLY AND MAKE MORE OF AN IMPACT. My email address is LET'S TURN THIS INTO A RECALL, HELP OTHER OWNERS, and GET BACK OUR $! If we can get 100 owners with exact same experience, we have a good chance.

07/30/15 - you would not believe it. After I picked up my car from Beshoff Infinity in San Jose, the AC in my car stop blowing cold air. It was working perfectly before they worked on the timing chain. Brought the car back to have them fix what they did to mess it up. The told me my AC Compressor was leaking and will cost another $1500!!! IT WAS WORKING JUST FINE and asking other 5 star mechanics on Yelp and all 3 said they have not had to replace AC Compressor on Nissan or Infiniti much and for only 3 years old and under 80k miles, that's not commonplace. Looked on other forums and seems like during timing chain replacement, a lot of owners end up with a broken AC afterwards. INFINITI, you have lost a group of loyal owners as a result of poor quality parts and taking ownership. BE WARN...
At 85K miles timing chain was going bad, got it fixed and now the ac doesn't work as well as it did before this repair. Now I just got a new code and you guessed it.. the catalytic converters are bad
I HAVE 2 PROBLEMS 1 IS TIMING CHAIN 2 IS EXHAUST CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON EXHAUST NEED TO B REPLACED. INFINITI MANUFACTOR DO WANT TO HELLP AT ALL WITH TIMEMING CHANGE I HAD TO PAY $3000 TO FIX TIMING CHAIN, AND NOW I HAVE BAD EXHAUST AT 80500 AND THEY DO NOT WANT TO HELP TO COVER IT UNDER WARRANTY. WARRANTY ON EXHAUST IS 80 000 MLS. I Had this problem since 75000 mls and infiniti dealership didnt tell me was under warranty untill its the warranty is over. bad bad bad bad service rude people bad cars. if you guys need any other information call me 248 670 2225 and i will tell you all about it. and im thinking to report these problem to fox news.
TIMING CHAIN ISSUES (EXPENSIVE COSTS TO REPAIR TOO EARLY IN MY VEHICLE PURCHASE) - I was once a proud owner of my 2011 Infiniti QX56, until I was driving me and the kids from Atlanta, GA to Montgomery, AL to visit parent during the Holidays 2015. The CAR DIED (first time ever happened) – needed a battery and I thought this was a simple expected problem to resolve. As soon as the battery was replaced the CHECK ENGINE Light came on and I took it to the Infiniti Service Department the next business day to be told it was the TIMING CHAIN and it would cost $2700 to repair. Here I am thinking as it is being explained to me the massive work that has to be done and the car is only at 85K+ miles. The warranty covered up to 80K. How ridiculous is this. I originally leased this brand new vehicle and I was CONSISTENT with the oil changes and checks as indicated only by the Infinity Service Departments. No other company has ever touched my vehicle for service except the Infiniti Service Department and “no one” ever picked up on the timing chain being an issue. I have served a 30 year military career and have built my life on a foundation of integrity and treating people or customers “right.” This was my first Infiniti experience and am concerned and extremely disappointed that this company does not own up to their responsibility in this (given the history of reviews and complaints) fully and resolve the issue quickly.
Scottsdale Infiniti has the worst service department. They've gone as far as saying the problems were not problems, even when the problems were obvious. Also, services paid when we initially purchased our QX56 - they, different service employees, would divert and lie about offering the previously paid services. We showed documentation to have the services completed. They claimed to know nothing and treated us as if we were problem customers. FRUSTRATING!!!
I have had nothing but problems with this expensive car. I was told timing chain and oil injection problem. Also needed a new battery. This is patheticI experienced a loud screeching noise on start up that got louder as I drove. The noise lasted for about ten minutes and eventually go away. I took it to the service department at Joe Bullard in Mobile, Alabama. They said it was a bad timing chain. It would cost me $3000 to replace the timing chain that they said had oil engine injection problems.The service person told me it was a common occurrence in this model (QX56) at around 60,000 miles or more. Also they said I needed a catalytic converter for 4000.00. This is my first and last Infiniti.
I experienced a loud screeching noise on start up that got louder as I drove. The noise lasted for about ten minutes and eventually go away. I took it to the service department at Sheehy Infiniti of Annapolis, MD. They said it was a bad timing chain. It cost me $6,000 to replace the timing chain that they said had two bad sprockets. The service person told me it was a common occurrence in this model (QX56) at around 60,000 miles or more. My wife and I have owned a number of expensive imports to include Mercedes, BMW,Lexus and Range Rover and never experienced any problem of this magnitude. This is my first and last Infiniti.
Experienced the same whining noise at start up. Took it to dealer, was diagnosed as a timing chain problem (remember these were designed to last the entire life of the engine, they are not a belt to be changed as maintaince ). Had to pay $1500 while infiniti paid for 1/2 of repair. Had vehicle for 5 days, then it stopped working. Now I am told the engine needs to be replaced at a cost of $10,000!! Wow, they call this a luxury line....Never had such poor quality issues with engine and so little luck on the manufacturer side with helping to fix THEIR QUALITY ISSUE!!! If the engine is only designed to last for 85,000 miles, then they have clearly overpriced this vehicle.....
Timing system in 2011 Infiniti QX56 began producing horrible whine on start initially and then ongoing. Infiniti of Marietta fixed the timing at no expense to me due to a recall of the timing system. However, less than one week after having the timing system fixed and requisite long block replacement, "Service Engine Soon" light comes on. Infiniti of Orange Park, FL (there on vacation) and Infiniti of Marietta confirmed it was Catalytic Converter failure (Bank 1). Service Mgr. at OP confirmed this is a routine problem with QX56 and while likely that they would fair at some point, was hastened by timing system/engine replacement.