The Left Foot Rest Pedal May Fall Off on Toyota FJ Cruiser

The left foot rest pedal may become loose or fall off completely. Replacement of the pedal may be required if this occurs.

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Average mileage: 61,438 (10,000–145,000)
5 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011
56 people reported this problem
36 people shared problem details
I can't believe Toyota is not addressing thru a recall. This huge safety problem is being reported all over the web!!
Left foot pedal rest came off. Clips broke. Purchased new one but not sure how to install it.
Left fot rest pedal fell off while driving, very scary as it almost became lodged under brake pedal. Recall???
Drivers side foot rest fell off and went under brake pedal creating a very hazardous situation.
Same problem. Cheap plastic part broke when bracing my foot on pedal to get keys out of my pocket. WTH!!!
I had the same thing happen. I called toyota direct put in a complaint and recieve a complaint number. If enough people call and report it they will do a recall. And if you have the foor rest replaced and have a claim number with a repair slip they will reimburse you if the recall happens. Even if its a year or two. Its worth calling. If they dont know they cant help you.
Foot rest fell off at 25,000 miles. Toyota replaced it and it fell off again at 36,000 miles. Toyota will not replace because after warrenty!
Left foot pedal broke off. Plastic clips broke after 30k miles.
The plastic pegs on the back of the footrest pedal break off and then the pedal is just held in by gravity, and can slide under the other pedals causing an accident.
Foot rest tore off
I also pushed my foot down to get keys out of my pocket and the foot rest broke off.
foot pedal rest is loose
The left foot rest broke of and lodged under the brake pedal. I was able to kick it out with out a problem. I'm not sure I want to replace it...
Left footrest broke off. All clips that are supposed to hold it in place broke.
Replaced foot rest twice already. It just breaks off, and both times while driving... So dangerous!
Left footrest fell off but not sure if I will replace it due to it falling off again and causing a safety issue
Dealer said abuse... vehicle totaled soon after due to brake failure... never fixed
The plastic footrest broke off.
cheap plastic part
The left foot rest is secured by one clip on a floor bolt -- bad design!
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