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The Fuel Gauge May Not Read Correctly and/or Check Engine Light With Code P0455/P0461 on Chevrolet Malibu

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The fuel gauge may not read correctly and/or the Check Engine Light may illuminate with code P0455/P0461 stored for a fuel level sensor issue. These faults may be caused by a fuel vapor line inside the fuel take interfering with the fuel level sensor. If this is found to be the case, repositioned and securing the vapor line should correct this concern. If no fault is found with the fuel vapor line, the fuel level sensor itself may be at fault.

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Chevrolet Malibu Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 102,808 (6,000–1,050,000)
15 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016
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Filled tank and fuel gauge did not seem to register. Turned car off and back on and it registered a full tank. Shortly thereafter while sitting in traffic the fuel gauge dropped to empty and check engine light came on. Never had this problem before. Up until now I have been very lucky with minimal repairs required.
when I fill up, the gauge goes to full, then immediately drops to empty and the check engine light displays. after about 2 days it shows correctly and CE light turns off. no solution yet...looking for one
Code P0463- Poor electrical connection at the fuel level sending unit. Engine light came on and went off every time my gas was low in car. Now it stays on and my gas gauge will go up and down all the time.
I'm having the same issue as others. This just started about a month ago. When I fill up, the fuel gage drops to empty and the check engine light comes on. It periodically go from full to empty. After driving some it reads properly.

With so many of us having this issue, why have there been no recalls? Is this possibly linked to the newest recall?
just put on a new fuel pump and filter,but now gas gage is reading half full when it should be reaing full
My fuel gauge drops to empty and the check engine light comes on after filling up. Used to fix it by tightening the fuel cap extra tight (20 or so clicks while pushing in hard). Then just replaced fuel cap with AC Delco GT283 fuel cap and no more problems. Check engine light went out after a few miles of driving with the new cap.
check engine light, code P0461 - Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Circuit High Voltage, incorrect fuel reading.
My gas gauge does not read correctly, the "Check Gas Cap" light came on, and the "Check Engine" light came on.
at first it would act up. Read full, then in a few minutes be reading empty. That was about 2 yr ago. Now, it just reads empty all the time.
My parents car has the same issue and I was wondering how many more people have to struggle with this before we hear of a RECALL? Because to me a RECALL should be made.
Only when I fill up the tank I have this issue, I checked the vapor lines, gas cap, opens short , and the only thing that fixed the problem was to buy a fuel Level Sensor AC DELCO ACSK1257 or SK1257 for arround $75 USD at e-bay.Problem Fixed and took me a couple of hours to replace it my self.
Be careful if you buy this at another place it will come without an o-ring, I've got it at e-bay as a kit o-ring and sensor.
This just happened for the first time today, 5 miles after I filled up with gas. Gage dropped to empty. Lights and whistles came on. Gradually it eased back up to full. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet.
When tank is full the fuel gauge reads correctly. Once fuel level goes below half a tank, fuel gauge varies from empty with low fuel light on back to what I assume is the correct fuel level. My check engine light came on and I had it checked at Advanced Auto. They gave me a code of PO463 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High. They priced me an AC DELCO replacement fuel sensor for $89.99. I called a local Chevrolet dealership and they priced me a factory GM replacement for $130. For them to install it they must remove the gas tank so with part and labor they gave me a total cost of $437. However, my check engine light has now went off and as long as I keep a full tank, I don't have an issue, at least not yet. I think I will wait until it gets worse and then have my dad to replace it.
was towed to the dealership with this problem second trip before service rep understood exactly the same problem price was quoted 1200.00