Buick Enclave Problem Report

Buick Enclave The Check Engine Light With Code: P0011, P0014, P0021, P0024, P0341, P0346, P0336, and/or P0391

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Vehicles with certain V6 engines may illuminate the Check Engine Light one or more of the following codes: P0011, P0014, P0021, P0024, P0341, P0346, P0336, or P0391. Our technicians tell us that some vehicles may require a powertrain control module (PCM) software update to correct this issue. Other vehicles may have excess camshaft end play on one or both cylinder heads which will need to be corrected using special procedures outlined by GM.

I have the same code, along with codes P2135 & P1516 -
The dealer says I need a new timing chain the code on the invoice from the dealer is p0011 -
Engine idles rough, RPM fluctuating below 1,000 RPM while sitting idle, and check engine light is on. Diagnostic ran and recieved codes for multiple misfires and misfire in cylinder's 3 & 5. Removed and replaced all 6 spark plugs and 3 & 5 cylinder ignition coils. Original gripe continued, ran another diagnostic recieved codes P0014- Exhaust Camshaft Performance Bank 1, P0024- Exhaust Camshaft Performance Bank 2, P0122- TPS Sensor 1 Circuit Low Voltage, P0123- TPS Sensor 2 Circuit High Voltage, and P0100- Mass Air Flow Sensor. Still waiting on resolution. -
Check engine light came on, dealer checked code and replaced cam salenoids (sp?). Light went off for one day then came back on. Now the dealer is saying it is the cam shaft and dual timing chain. -
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