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The Air Suspension Inactive Message May be Displayed With Code 41 on Land Rover Range Rover

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The air suspension inactive message may be displayed with fault code 41 stored. Our technicians tell us the air suspension electronic control unit (ECU) software should be updated prior to attempting to diagnose this concern.

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Land Rover Range Rover Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 59,000 (16,001–94,000)
2 model years affected: 2003, 2004
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Myairr suspension reads inactive the from of the truck is lowered and its riding as if its on springs
This has happened repeatedly on my 2003RR. I love these vehicles and have had four in the last 15 years...however this 2003 RR is the only that has been such an air suspension bugger ...and the dealership ALWAYS diagnosis a major problem...let's see by one the air boots ( air shock balloon) somehow get punctures ..each runs about $1500 ..,and I've been thru two burned out air compressors at roughly $2400 each time ....I always feel the dealership is making this crap up as I rarely ever even drive this beautiful but beastly $ vehicle is garaged , in a mild climate and I bought brand new ...of course as Soon as warranty expired the headaches started with air suspension..I wish I could figure out a way TO kNOW whether dealership is being honest or not...drives me crazy and what a waste of money.
I always ask for the parts ...thinking mAybe in my next life I will be a Rover mechanic I would determine the supposedly "bad " parts were really good after all ... Argh!!!
So air suspension issues all after 50,000
Again at 55,000. 67000.
Word to the wise to get to repair place asap / or tow - do NOT ignore /or keep driving if "air suspension inactive " warning message goes on and stays on AND car feels will mess up air boots possibly fry compressor and could evenloosen u joint / bar / other parts due sheer road impact . 6000 lb plus vehicle needs mucho shock absorption .