Land Rover LR2 Problem Report

Land Rover LR2 The Adaptive Lighting System May Stop Functioning

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The adaptive lighting system may stop functioning along with illumination of the warning light. Our technicians tell us this can be caused if the system has lost the position of a stepper motor. A software update for the lighting system control module to correct this concern.

the system fault light came on - technician told me to replace the head lamp part #LR043976 but can't find one - everyone is out of stock -
I'm having a problem with my lights. I first had a problemw with the car starting several times in cold weather. Now when I go to pick it up from the dealership and about to pull off my husband notices that my lights weren't on but I told him the were on. Come to find out something was wrong had to stay at the dealership and its been 4 days and they still haven't fixed the problem. -
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