Tailgate Light on Dash May Filcker on Honda CR-V

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A maladjusted tailgate or tailgate switch can cause the rear tailgate light on the dash to flicker when driving. Adjusting the door and or switch will address this concern.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 102,631 (10,000–204,000)
6 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2008
60 people reported this problem
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Rear hatch light flickers when driving. Cannot lock doors with key fob due to "mistaken" rear hatch window open. Must use key to lock doors because of this problem
I had this same problem after a long trip. The fix was very simple actually. I noticed the screw on the rear latch had worked it's way loose. I fixed it with a simple Phillips Head screw driver and just tightened it up.
We bought the car used and everything worked fine. Just yesterday the tail "idiot" light would not go off. We discovered that it would go off if the latch was pushed in all the way. Then we noticed that the latch was something had been taped to it. So we decided to try attaching little sponge-pads to it. (Bought at any department store or hardware store. We used the ones that are about the same circumference as a pencil eraser and about 1/8 of an inch thickness.) It took three of the little pads piled on each other to get the light to go off. I put a fourth on for good measure. But problem solved. None of the screws in the area of the latch were loose at all. I'm keeping a stash of these little pads in the door of the CR-V for future use as I expect they will fall off or get too squished eventually.
same problem, dashboard red light on indicating rear hatchback door open...can't use remote lock button when light is on (have to insert key into lock to lock/unlock doors). Tried a little WD-40 to latch and hinge and will tighten all screws in latch area and hope for the best. Even though the light is on that it's open, after manually locking the car, the back door is locked. **** UPDATE ****IT WORKED!!!! I tighten all the screws around the silver U shaped latch, and even though only one screw tighten only a half a turn it must have been enough to realign the sensor that the hatch was closed because the light is OFF! Thanks to "msbellamy" (report #6 of this page) for your sound advise and for sharing it, so appreciate it. I'm sure his/her advise saved me a minimum of several hundred dollars! Also thank you internet for all the advise over the years, I'm sure it's saved me thousands!
There are two check-switches that the car reads. One in the flip-up window, and another on the left side of the side-opening door. Don't assume it's one and not the other. I did and spent an hour messing with the window switch before realizing that it was the door switch instead.

The door switch is a sliding black piece that contacts the door when it closes. It's on the left side of the rear of the car. That is where the phillips head screw is that others have mentioned.
Can't lock doors with remote because tailgate sensor is on even though door is closed, not fixed yet. Sensor light flickers on/off when driving
The rear liftgate is loose when closed. Here are some observations. The gaskets are all soft and pliable so I do not think they need to be replaced. When I drive up a hill and hit a bump, the "door open" light flickers. When there is heavy rain, some water will leak into the back.

How do I go about adjusting/aligning the rear liftgate?
Same problem with blinking light, happens more often uphill. Pressing the window doesn't make it blink, but if you press it down towards the ground, then it will light on. Will try to fasten the screws tomorrow.
The top-left and bottom screws on the rear latch had become loose. I just tightened them up with a screwdriver and the light is now not flashing on and off.
Hatch light on ,door closed, unable to lock car with remote .As sensor was not adjustable fitted some furniture pads to sensor all now cured
Simple fix worked for me guys. Slide the little black plastic "L" shaped bracket forward to expose the only attachment screw (attached to the light switch at the rear door frame just below the latch) and remove the tiny screw. Pull the latch out at the back pulling it toward the front of the car at an angle to remove switch from attachment opening. Take a drill and make the only screw hole on the switch one size bigger (doesn't take much). This opens the hole allowing the switch to be positioned slighy further aft (away from the driver) before inserting the mounting screw again and tightening it firmly. The further aft it is mounted the more it opens the circuit to turn the light off. Again this only moves it a fraction of a millimeter aft to open the switch don't move it too far.

Worked perfectly for me and took 10 minutes.
Hope this helps.
I already had this same problem fixed previously, but it is back. It's been draining my battery. I have ordered a new part from the dealer.
I had the same problem the back hatch sensor was intermittently showing that the back hatch was open. I put a small piece of weather stripping I found around the house on the black L-shaped piece. Problem Solved.
We had the same problem with key fob not working because back hatch light was on, even though back door & hatch were closed. We also noticed the interior light above the back door stayed on. Tried tightening the screws, but that did not work. Then we stuck a small plastic bumper pad on the L-shaped switch, similar to the pads described by another visitor. Closed the back door and it worked to depress the switch, so that the open hatch light went off, and key fob would work again to lock the doors. Thanks so much for this solution!