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On December 20, 2012, Suzuki recalled 2,830 Suzuki XL-7. American suzuki is recalling certain model year 2007 xl-7 vehicles originally sold or currently registered in arizona, california, nevada, and texas; and manufactured june 13, 2006, through december 22, 2006. some of these vehicles have a condition in which the plastic supply or return port on the fuel pump module may crack, which could cause a fuel leak.
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Suzuki XL-7 Recall Details

RepairPal Expert Overview on December 20, 2012

XL-7 models originally sold or currently registered in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Tesas can develop a fuel leak from the fuel tank area.

As of this writing, Suzuki has not yet released a notification schedule for this recall. If you are experiencing a fuel smell and/or leak, or you don't receive notification and you feel you should have, please contact your dealer. It’s helpful to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) handy when you call. The Suzuki recall number is NZ.

Year Affected:2007
RepairPal Expert Overview on June 28, 2010

The power steering and AC belt may come off due to a damaged belt tensioner pulley. If the belt were to come off, power steering assist would be compromised.

Please contact your Suzuki dealer. They will check to see if your specific vehicle is affected and advise you on what to do next. Always have your vehicle identification number (VIN) handy when you call.

Years Affected:2005, 2006
RepairPal Expert Overview on June 14, 2007

The windshield may have been installed improperly from the factory. This creates a higher risk for occupant injury in a crash.

Suzuki began notifying owners of affected vehicles in July, 2007. You can check with your dealer to see if your vehicle is involved in this program. It is helpful to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand when you contact them.  The Suzuki recall numbers are KU, KW.

Year Affected:2007
Summary on November 10, 2005
On certain sport utility vehicles equipped with 16-inch wheels, the front brake discs may break under severe driving conditions. the breakage can occur in conditions where the vehicle is driven on a regular basis on extremely steep paved down-slopes while continuously applying the brakes.
Years Affected:2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Summary on January 5, 2004
On certain sport utility vehicles, the accelerator cable casing cap that is attached to the vehicle firewall can crack due to extended exposure to forces from the accelerator cable and insufficient long-term durability of the plastic casing cap. if the casing cap becomes cracked, movement of the inner accelerator cable through the cap can cause the inner accelerator cable to become frayed.
Years Affected:2002, 2003, 2004
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