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S.U.V. comes on but wont start. on Kia Sportage

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Lights on dash turn on, radio comes on and the headlights come on, but the engine will not turn over.
When you get into the car everything works fine untill you try to start it. Some times it starts after a few ties, but increasingly the few tries turn into 20 minutes, into not at all.

The solution: Replace the faulty brake switch. This should be a recall. Just research it online and you will see there are many people with this exact same problem.
I am having starting problems. Battery checked and good. The dash and lights have no problem coming on, yet when I turn the key I hear one click and nothing. After 3-4 turns of the key, it may turnover.
Turns over, but doesn't start til 3rd or 4th try. Sometimes starts right away. Already replaced crank sensor, fuel pressure regulator, and throttle sensor. Also disconnected aftermarket kill switch. Problem persists, although not as severe.
this car runs fine at times then all of a sudden it just will not crank the check engine light never comes on I've had this problem off and on since I've had this car and it's really getting to be a headache I really love this car but now I'm thinking about getting rid of it I don't think I will ever buy another Kia
Car will lock in "park" with engine running. You have to use the fob key to insert and release transmission from park. Then there are times when the engine will not crank over and start. One has to insert the fob into the backup slot in the console to get the engine to crank. Our local Kia dealer doesn't have a clue what to do about it.
wouldnt start hag to keep trying trying and at some point it would ..going to try changing out the brake swhitch
Driving in carpool lane on freeway when engine just shut off and Slowed to a stop. All lights, radio and air condition still work but when you turn the key you get nothing from the engine. Smelled like gas right when the engine stopped though.. anyone else run into this problem?
Most of the time it starts fine(normally don't have to touch the gas at all), sometimes it doesn't start. Turns over, but won't start. Doesn't make a difference if it's after a long drive or a couple miles. It just sometimes won't start. Happening more frequently. If you wait a while, it starts. Then it will be fine for any number of starts, then it won't.
Driving vehicle lost all throttle pulled over shut off vehicle and won't start again have code P1121 P1131 need help