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Sunroof drain leak caused by pinched drain line at firewall on Nissan Altima

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My '08 Altima soaks along the Driver's side floor-pan along the left side and especially in the back seat left side when it rains. Behind the Driver's seat in the floor the entire carpet soaks.
I bought car used 6 weeks ago. After heavy rains I came out and found standing water on the drivers floor mat( I have the hard duratech mats) Water was dripping from the dash and A pillar. The headliner was soaked at the top of the A pillar. I recognized it as a sunroof leak. I researched online and found numerous complaints with dealer denials of an issue. I also found the following helpful advice.
The sunroof drain is a clear plastic tube that runs from the front corner drains of the sunroof. Through the A pillar and down under the dash to the firewall (above E brake Pedal). There the tube slides over a nipple that drains into the wheelwell. Just before the firewall the tube turns about 90 degrees, it is at this turn that the tube pinches. I found that the water backs up into the sunroof. Since the connections between tube and nipples arent clamped or sealed any standing water will leak out. One solution is to take a metal tube and form a 45 bend, insert it into the tube to prevent kinking and reattach at firewall nipple. I have also considered using a more rigid tube. The real solution would be for the firewall nipple to have a 45 bend to reduce kink. I am not sure but I believe there may be a similar issue with passenger drain but I have not verified this.
I also have a Roof leak after having heavy rain fall within the past two days. Although mine is leaking on both sides in the back seat. I can see the water spots on both sides where the roof meets by the back window. One side seems to be worse than the other. I was told it could be clogged drain lies from sunroof. Not sure how that can happen cause I hardly ever use my sunroof.
After rain, I came out and noticed that the front passenger door from is soaked. the next came and it rain was coming down the passenger side front seat belt.
I have same problem as everyone else, sunroof drains clogged, soaked interior passenger side
I have same issue with my 07 altima except i havent noticed it on the driver mat, just down the A-Pillar. I will look for this tube and see if that is my problem too. Thanks for the advice!
I'm having the exact same problem as the 1st customer with the water pouring from under my dash and onto my driver side mat. It is fully soaked now since the rain started last night and continues today. The leak is not a drip it is actually pouring out. I did go back to CarMax this morning to get them to look at and because I purchased my car on October 6, 2013 and now that I just recently passed my 30 day warranty. They have to refer me to a specialist. which will cost me $100 just for him to look at it and not sure what the cost will be just to fix the problem.
Thanks, Michael
I did have a clogged sunroof drain that leaked down the pillar on the passenger side floor. Removed the glove box and windshield cowling. Poured water in sunroof drain - definitely clogged since water did not come out the tube drain on the firewall under the cowling. Inserted weed eater string in the sunroof drain hole on top of car and could feel it hitting at the drain site at the firewall but still no water draining. Then used a small flat screwdriver at the drain site on the firewall and lifted the cover GENTLY and water started spewing out! After water drained out noticed broken up bug remains had come out the drain. Poured more water at the sunroof drain hole and it drained at the firewall perfectly! Hope this helps someone!
I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with a sunroof.Water is leaking across interior .I've cleaned out drain lines.Water pours out of driver's side but trickles out of passenger side.Water is coming out of A-post which leads me to believe drain hose is damaged. How do I gain access?
After rain drivers side carpet is wet, I opened the sun roof and poured water in the tray around the sun roof opening and the water did not drain. I dried out the standing water then stuck a drinking straw into the drain hole in the front drivers side of the tray then uses a small air compressor and pumped air thru the straw into the drain hole. Once the air flow started water started draining from the finder just behind the drivers side wheel. I removed the straw poured water into the tray around the sun roof again then all the water drained and exited behind the front drivers side wheel. I tested the drain several more times and did not see any leakage inside the car. Time will tell if this correct the problem, hopefully with the drain fully open water will not leak into the car.
Same issue as everyone else, leaking at the Driver's A-pillar and on the floor mat.

This isn't the first car I've had this issue with, but at least this seems easily fixable. My 2004 Jetta sunroof leaks as well, but I will need to run a new drain tube from the drain, down the pillar to the wheel well.
After heavy rains, I sometimes find the driver's seat soaked and the fabric of the pillar between the windshield and the driver's door extremely wet to the touch. This is only on the driver's side. I first noticed it shortly after I bought the car (used) at 22k. I've maybe experienced it half a dozen times since then and the car is now at 39k.

I initially took it back to the dealer - "no issue found", but they dried it out. Then it happened again and I took it somewhere more reputable (don't go to CarSense for service!) - my mechanic told me the sunroof drain was blocked and he unblocked it. Next time it happened, I just soaked up the water and it was fine for a few months. I did talk to a Nissan dealership, who of course denied it was a problem inherent in the design.

Wish there was something more permanent I could do about this. My other 2011 Altima with no sunroof has never had such an issue.
Problem diagnosed by Dealer after I noticed water on passenger side floor mat. Was told that it was a defectice/picnched drain from sunroof. Cost would be approx. $1,500. I passed on having dealer repair this on my CPO car I just purchased from them 16 months earlier.
I purchased a 2009 Nissan Altima SL4 new, 6 days later after the 1st rainstorm, the passenger front seat was soaked.
Brought the car back to dealer and they determined the drain from the sunroof was clogged. After I pointed out the roof gasket was damaged, they agreed it was deformed and fixed both problems no charge which was expected, and apologized for any inconvenience.
Fast forward 8 years to July 2017 the driver side floor mats were soaked after another rainstorm. The windows and doors were securely closed and locked. Apparently the sunroof drainage blockage is coming into play again. Other related water problems are the rear passenger door and drivers side front door fill with water after certain storms. Also the rear tail lights fog and hold droplets of water at times.
water coming from seam area roof interior to upper left of windshield area....sunroof drains maybe? happens when heavy rain
Wet passenger side floorboard and interior head trim after a long rain.
Still determining cause and repair methods.
After a couple of days light rain I got into my Altima to go to work in the morning and found heavy condensation on the INSIDE of my windshield. I cleared it so I could see out and then discovered that the carpets on both sides of the car were soaked with water. I took out the mats and dried them in the sun, but the carpeting is not removable. After a couple of days of sunshine the car is beginning to smell of mildew. I took it to the dealer and they said it was out of warranty and gave me a $300 estimate to diagnose and dry out the cabin. Never said a word about this being a known problem. Very disgusted with the dealer service department and with Nissan for the faulty design. This should be a regular service clean out and a recall for a permanent fix.