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Sticking Accelerator Pedal on Suzuki SX4

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A condition may develop where the accelerator pedal sticks and is not smooth. This can be caused by carbon build up on the throttle shaft or throttle body cleaner was used which removed the special coating on the throttle shaft. Our technicians tell us that if this is the case the throttle body should be replaced.

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Suzuki SX4 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 36,810 (33,430–42,000)
5 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011
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my suzuki sx4 will suddenly want to excelerate, the engine will rev high. i need to step on brake and put it into neutral and wait for it to stop. at least three times it has lurched forward when it happens.
After placing into drive to drive out of the car wash the accelerator pedal stuck on full throttle. The car shot out of the car wash like a bullet!! I slammed on the brakes however it hardly slowed it down. Had to slam it into park to stop!!! Very scary!!!!
I had my foot on the break to slow down as their was red light ahead and car sitting at it. The light turned green and as I took my foot off the break and went to put it on the gas. My car went from a roll to 50 miles per hr. Within seconds. It shot me and my car over 3 full car lengths and into the car in front of me. My air bag deployed knocking me out, I do not know for how long. When I came too, I could barely breath as the air bag hit me in the sterum, if it would have hit me in the face it would have shattered my face. The car is totaled, I got hurt and the person I hit thank God they didn't have a child or baby in their backseat. This also had happened to my boyfriend were the car just accelerated and he had to hit on the breaks. It had done it to me several times before this but not this type of speed.

These cars should have a recall on them. Their a great car except this is a very dangerous issue and I eventually someone will get paralyzed or die from the problem.

When is Suzuki Going to address this problem?
sounded like l had the foot on the brake and throttle at the same time.Very scarey as first time l nearly rammed the back of a car and second time l mounted a naturestrip and was headed for a car on the other side... l am in AUSTRALIA and mileage is in kilometres