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Toyota Camry Steering Rack & Pinion leak

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The proper repair for a leaking Steering Rack & Pinion is replacement with a new unit.

I was told I needed the rack and pinion replaced because of a leak. However, I do not have any signs of a leak on my garage floor and I have not had any problems with steering or noises while turning the steering wheel. I am wondering if I really need the whole thing replaced or not. I was first told of the "problem" about 15 months ago and again just a few weeks ago. -
During servicing of the car, the mechanic found a power steering fluid leak and said I had to replace the rack and pinion steering unit between the front tires. He said the part itself cost $560 and the total cost will be $1,400. That seems very steep to me. -
Boot on passenger side shows signs of leak but reservoir indicates it is more of a weep. Top off(1-2 oz) once a year solves the problem. -
My husband and I bought my 2005 Toyota Camry LE in 2007. Every since I bought the car, I had problems with a squeaking sound when turning the wheel. I was told that some kind of belt gets dry and has to be oiled ever so often. Well, I just had to replace the rack and pinion along with the steering knuckle. I believe that was the problem all along! This has cost OVER $500. Has anyone else experienced this problem? -
Leaking steering rack diagnosed in low-mileage 2008 Camry Solara. Cost over $1000 to repair. -
I saw the leak myself while the car was on the lift. The mechanic ordered refurbished Steering Rack & Pinion for around $350 and added $400 for labor. Total was $750. I thought that it was steep, but considering what others have paid, I cannot complain. This was done today. All is fine for now. -
Took car into dealership (Ray Adams Toyota in Lees Summit) to get inspection and oil change to renew tags. Go to dealership every 3 months for oil change. Now they say they won't pass the car, and I the power steering rack and pinion is leaking and need to replace to pass state inspection. Parts $976.81 Labor $385 total 1361.81 plus Flush power Steering system $119.95, plus then will need 4 wheel alignment has to be done with rack replacement, another $119.95 for a grand total of $1601.71 I have no drips in my driveway and they have not mentioned any seepage before. Getting 2nd opinion. -
Rack and pinion was leaking. Unit was replaced at 62,000 miles in November 2013 - ten years old and only 63,000 miles. The Authorized Toyota Dealer used a remanufactured (Toyota) part and cost $1,400. In March 2014, the shop reports that the boots have been chewed by something perhaps a rat or mouse. I suspect the boots may be a soy-latex material that attracts rodents. This cost another $350. I am disappointed that the factory original rack and pinion failed at 63,000 miles. It would be a great customer service if Toyota could provide a clamshell boot made out of silicone latex to save owners the expense and inconvenience of such failures. -
Dealer stated that the steering rack and pinion was leaking, also the water pump. Took unit to a local repair shop for comfirmation. Both has a small leak. The local independent shop replaced units at a lot less expense. -
Has not been fixed. Toyota dealership recommends only their parts for replacement at a cost of Approx $1800.00 which includes the boots and motor mounts. -
not sure how they missed the leak last month when I had the oil changed. Now all of a sudden I need a new rack & pinion for over $700. Not happy. I just got this car a few months ago. -
At about 110K miles, I was told by the dealer that I had a power steering leak and that the entire rack would have to be replaced. The cost of the repair was estimated to be $1200. I was told to just keep an eye on the fluid level. At 126K, I was told by another dealer that the problem was worsening and I needed to prioritize it. The car also needed a valve cover gasket which was cheaper to fix, but still disappointing. My faith in Toyota reliability is tarnished. I could have bought a Chevy if I wanted to deal with these kind of problems at 120K. -
Told the power steering reservoir was low. Upon inspection found power steering fluid in boot. Would not pass State inspection without replacement. Just an FYI, I had a 2007 Sienna minivan with the exact same problem when it had 108,000 miles. I believe this is an issue witbToyota steering assemblies and needs to be investigated further. Cost me $970 for the van and $1,100 for the car. Very suspicious. -
Power steering fluid leak, torn rubber boot. -
leaked internal filled end boots up with fluid replaced along with lower control arms -
Car makes a noise when turning and shop says rack and pion needs replaced for a discounted price of $1239.35 including power steering flush and alignment. -
Local repairman diagnosed the problem and showed me the leaking boot (only visible on the undercarriage, not my garage floor). He installed just the boot (after about a month trying to locate just the boot) - under $100 for boot and labor. -
Leak on steering rack & pinion. -
leaking boot -
I hit a curb on .front.right wheel in pretty sure I did something to rack& car now vibrates an has a swaying affect an on 1x it was like back of car was doing different than front of car. -
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