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Starting difficulty due to defective anti-theft control module on Kia Amanti

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Difficulty starting the vehicle may be caused by a defective vehicle immobilizer (anti-theft) control module.
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Kia Amanti Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 106,663 (30,000–145,167)
5 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, more2009
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My car wont start it shows a car with a key people keep tellin me its Anti theft but I can't seem to fix the problem
Problem: When starting car, it will crank, but not start. I would have to wait 1 to 3 minutes, try it several times, wait a while, then it usually starts within 5 minutes. Difficulty in Starting car would be few and far between around 50,000 miles or sooner, hesitating to start up immediately perhaps 3 to 4 times a year. Eventually, hesitation in starting began to occur more frequently, but would never happen when at repair shop. Car now has over 90,000+ miles and starting will be difficult several times a week, then would start fine for a month or two, then start back hesitating.
I have been having a problem with my car not starting. I have taken it to the Kia dealership and they have replaced my ECU and several other parts and am still having the same problem. It started off going several months at a time before it wouldn't start and now it's to the point where it's ever couple of days. I have already spent $3000 trying to fix my car and I keep telling Kia that I have a feeling it's a faulty Anti-Theft problem but they still haven't checked that out, so now I took my car to a different shop.
runs great, suddenly won't turn over for know reason. very intermittent, sometimes months apart. happened 3 times last summer when i was driving short distances and turning it on and off a lot.
The key will start the car. Sometimes I have to turn the key 50-60 times to get it to crank
It beeps a long loud beep then stops then beeps twice then stops then beeps twice more and stops everything works but it won't start.. how do I bypass this or fix it. Car bought used
My car runs fine for months and months then will not start, lights work, radio all electronics work but intermittently when the key is turned the car will not start. I wait thirty seconds try it sometimes that works and sometimes I have to wait longer before starting, will start on and off for a week or two then will start every time for months and months. This has been happening since 2009 i now have over a 100,000 miles runs great but just sometimes wont start, I have had every idiot kia service tech tell me it is the battery, There is not one Technician over 7 years that could figure this out, I now believe these people are right and will get my ant-theft module changed. I hope it works.