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Squeak or Creak Noise When Driving Over Bumps on Lincoln Zephyr

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A squeak or creak noise may be noted when driving over bumps. Our technicians tell us of two possible causes. The lower control arm may have faulty welds or the strut jounce bumper could be rubbing on a dry strut plate. There is a factory repair kit for the lower control arms. If the noise is coming from the strut it may require dis-assembly to lubricate the jounce bumper.

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Lincoln Zephyr Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 93,300 (46,000–180,000)
1 model year affected: 2006
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squeaks when I turn hit bumps and only on driver side of the car. I haven't fixed it because i am not sure what it is.
Just last week our car started creaking and squeaking when we were going slow. Haven't fixed it yet, but glad this might be whats causing it... that's the first step to fixing the problem, right?
I noticed it about 2 months ago. It seems to happen on days that it is really hot outside. It sounds like a squeak or grinding noise when I turn. I took it to a shop and they couldn't find anything wrong, apparently it wasn't doing it when I went there. This is super good to know!! I will pass this information on to them.
I have had numerous problems with this car's suspension. I have had to replace the ball joints twice, multiple problems with the "control arms". It squeaks/grinds when I brake in the morning, and now it is squeaking again when I go over bumps. I wonder how many people have to complain for them to recall this car. I have spent well over $1200 this year alone. I also had some "brake sensor" go bad, leaving me stranded at night because the car would not come out of park. Now my AC is broken and the AC/Heat in the seats has been broken since 80,000 miles. I also have this weird issue where my windows and moon roof will all open. I have no idea how this happens, I think it has something to do with pressing the keyless entry. I truly hate this car and I now owe more than it's worth... So I don't know if I will ever buy ford again, which is sad.
Definitely sounds like the car needs lubrication.. I first noticed it during one of the coldest days in February. Then, I went for weeks without really noticing it. It became very noticeable yesterday afternoon. I did not recall hearing it this morning.
Front suspension noises. Ford dealership repaired under extended warranty at 60,000 mi, and now same problem back again at 80,000 mi.
Squeaking... Thought it was shocks. Tire shop couldn't find anything... Also, now having problem with plastic crappy shifter and ac therm control went out... Time to get rid of this car!
Stopping there is a creaking grinding sound, backing up it does the same I don't need brakes got new tires what is it I only have 50k miles on my car
same squeaking noise, Ford wants $1900.00 to put a new sub frame under my 2006 Zephyr @ on 50,000 miles.
Small lfluid leak believe it's powrt stewring fluid. Got an annoying squeak going over bumps. Neither is fixed yet. I'm still waiting for the air bags to be replaced recall almost 2 years now.
Same problem. Squaks when driving over bumps, used to do it in the winter months only and now it is doing it in warmer weather too.