Software Update Available Which May Correct Transmission Issues on Kia Sportage

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Reprogramming the transmission control module with the latest Kia transmission software may fix abnormalities in the automatic transmission and erroneous transmission-related Check Engine Light illumination. Software updates are commonly most effective on newer vehicles. Higher mileage vehicles may exhibit a similar symptom caused by a component failure. However, whenever major transmission repairs are performed the transmission software should be checked and updated as necessary.

Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 96,836 (95–247,715)
Brakes affected: 2WD, 4WD
11 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2016
50 people reported this problem
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hard shift from 2nd to 3rd gear - brought to a dealer , $300 later it was fixed . fast forward 1 year, for the last month it is doing it again. is there some thing I can do to fix this ?
Transmission shifts very rough from 2nd to 3rd. Mechanic replaced tranny, still doing it - not quite as severly. Seems to be more of an ECM or software issue? whatever, I am out $700 & counting at this point....
When the transmission shifts from 2nd to 3rd, it while either Rev high then shift or it'll feel like it's bucking.
Tries to start out in 2nd gear - no 1st, then abruptly shifts to 3rd and stays there until the key is turned off. Then next time the car is started, the process repeats its self all over again. Dealer wants to install a new transmission to the tune of $2400, but i am not convinced the problem is the transmission - it seems more likely to be in the controls of the transmission. I am basing this assumption on the fact it tries to initially start out in a lower gear, but them gets confused and stays in 3rd thereafter.
Vehicle had codes p0700 and p0741. Tcc solenoid stuck. Took to dealer, which said they could not correct issue without replacing transmission assembly. I had them preform all applicable updates to vehicle. While I watched...paid them for updates and drove away. No further issue thus far. $110 cost, I did not pay for diagnoses because I told them to do updates and they took it upon themselves to do diagnostic.
Transmission slips sometimes on new 2016 kia sportage. Just out of the show room. The dealer southern sales and service in san fernando reset the computer.
Problem still exist
Real sluggish at times that makes check engine light come on had loud whining sound louder in reverse sound quickly getting worse having hard time starting at times and windows dont have full power
Shifting hard from 2nd to 3rd gear. Scanned by transmission shop and shows no codes. Dealership wants $2000 to replace since I am not original owner!
I have faithfully changed the oil and maintained my 2009 Kia Sportage. I have not had any major issues with it until now. The check engine light came on yesterday and the dealership is telling me that it needs an entire new transmission to the tune of $1900. Of course, it's just out of warranty with 102,000. I am the original owner and have had all my work (oil change, tire rotation, etc) done at the dealership. They tell me there is nothing they can do since it's out of warranty. I plan to contact Kia corporate and see if I get anywhere.
Transmission feels like it's slipping. If you feather the gas pedal quickly the transmission will grab a little bit. But it's not fixed yet.
hard shifting at 20 mph and again at 35 mph it makes a herky jerky motion this will be the third time we have had this problem 1st time dealer fixed it no cost 2nd time we paid 50.00 bucks going to stop by dealer again tomorrow this has been on-going for roughly 4 years
My transmission isn't shifting correctly the check engine light came on and when I had the codes checked it's says that the shit sequence is improper my transmission when I pull out from a dead stop does not shift down to first gear and shift out correctly like it's supposed to it hurts really bad almost as if the ñtransmission is trying to lock up while driving it.
HARD shifting into 3rd gear. If I start slow, the shift is barely felt. Gets worse the further I travel. Had computer checked in March, but NO codes. It's getting worse.
Check engine light goes on and off. Throwing transmission codes. All maintainence has been done at suggested mileage. Guess I'm replacing transmission. Bought used and I've only had it 18 months.