Dodge Ram 1500 Problems

Software Update and Axle Disconnect Actuator Replacement to Correct 4WD Issues on Dodge Ram 1500

Problem Description and Possible Solution

If the vehicle will not shift into, or out of four wheel drive, and the "Serv 4WD" warning light is illuminated, the front axle disconnect actuator may need replacement and a power module (TIPM) may need a software update.

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Dodge Ram 1500 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 104,812 (47,956–243,000)
Drive Train affected: 4WD
8 model years affected: 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
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My truck isnt engaging 4x4 my light just flashes i can here it tring to.took it to firestone and the actuator is what they came up with
Front 4X4 drive axle intermittrnly engages when the switch is placed in either of the 3 4x4 mopdes. The 4WD Serv. light comes on shortly after, and after turning the ignition to off, it resets itself and cancels the 4wd serv light. This in an intermitten problem but makes for a very unreliable 4x4.
I have this problem still. My transfer case motor activates when i go to 4 wheel low and high but the front axle actuator does not function at all. I disconnected the plug on the actuator and i do have 12 volt power with key on, on one of the plug terminal but no other power on the others at all which makes me think that whatever controls the actuator motor is not sending power to connect and disconnect the 4 wheel drive fork. there has to be a proper way to diagnose this problem other then just changing parts or having to flash or reprogram the control module. someone help please.
frustrated in new jersey
9 times out of 10 truck will not switch into 4wd, if it does it then does not want to shift back into 2wd easily. Friend who owns a shop has concluded that the TPIM is bad. I have one on order.
Four wheel drive light flashing but transfer case is working the front end won't pull
My 06 1500 Hemi Quad Sport with Auto 4X4 had the front axle disconnect motor replaced when the vehicle was stuck in 4X4 with the check 4X4 light on and would not go out electronically with the dash select switch. I purchased the vehicle used with 98,000 miles 2 years ago from a used car lot. Brough it to a Dodge dealership and they installed a new motor and re-flashed the computer. However, after the repair the 4X4 light came on and stayed on when the system was engaged in Auto 4X4, but the fix did disengage when selected back to 2X4 but the dealership told me it could get stuck again and that the 4X4 drive computer had a short or a problem and needed to be replaced. The cost of the repair would be $775.00. I asked if we could find one use, and if I could install it myself and they told me it would have to be the exact model, year and options to match. And who knows if the used one was faulty as well....And would need the dealership to flash it after installation. Convinced, I had them install a new drive computer. The unit is actually part and intergrated with the main curcuit box located under the hood. They installed and flash it, took all day and could not get the new one to program. They ordered another one and this time it worked! My 4X4 now goes in and out as it was designed. I spoke to the previous owner and he had the same problem and the Dealership said they were working on a fix at that time, his delealership eventually went under during the Auto crises so he lost hope and decided to trade it in for a Chevy. My guess is that the used car dealership I purchased the Ram from changed originally the actuator and hoped for the best. Dodge told me the only other reason why the 4X4 would not engage or disingage is a faulty drive computer which shorted out the actuator. Hope this helps those who experienced the same problem as I could not locate any posts on the drive computer during the time of the problem.
Light comes on flashes, stops flashing comes back on. May not come on for days then it happens again.
After turning the dial to 4WD, the light would blink several times, stop, and then blink several more times before staying off. My mechanic changed one of the 4WD motors, but that did not fix the problem. After discussing it with someone from Chrysler, it was determined that it was a faulty actuator. The part was changed and the 4WD started working (I think...because a week later the engine ceased before I got to drive it and check it out.)