Volkswagen Cabrio Problems

Shifting/Drivability Issues Due to Throttle Body Failure on Volkswagen Cabrio

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Throttle body failure is not uncommon and can lead to shifting issues with the automatic transmission and other drivability concerns.

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Volkswagen Cabrio Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 161,267 (141,000–191,584)
Engine affected: 2.0L 4 Cylinder
6 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, more2001, 2002
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I bought my Cab 7 years ago. I'm from California, but when I moved to Maryland a few years ago, it seems that's when all my problems started. The last big expense was the new transmission. I thought that would have solved all the problems. But, after having the car in the garage all winter I went to drive it and it would not start. Had it towed to a mechanic, who got it started, but now I have other issues. It runs very rough and sluggish. Once I get it going faster, it seems to do a lot better. I was told this may be the throttle cable. Maybe it just needs to be cleaned? I hope this isn't going to cost a whole lot of money. I've put too much money into this car the last few years, and I know I can't get what I believe it's worth if I sell it. Maybe the throttle body just needs be cleaned and not replaced!!!??? I'm so frustrated because I can't get the car to pass emissions until this is repaired. I used to love my cute little car...I don't know what to do at this point. Any suggestions of what could be causing the rough idle? Also the engine light flashes on and off. Thanks for any help!
Engine is sluggish on take off and going up hills. Plan to replace throttle body soon. Will let you know what happens.
When starting especially from low speed the transmission bucks, I read the manual learned that by placing the car into 3rd gear may help due to the while in 3rd gear D,3,2,1 are All engaged. I gave it a try and YES a Significant improvement and even aides in braking effect. Also, a Gentleman wrote in with exact issue of the topic thus is in reference....his suggestion is worth trying= turn ignition key without starting car, just to the point to wear you hear the bells ECT...
with car OFF & KEY TURNED TO POINT PRIOR STARTING UP ( non-drive & nothing running) PRESS THE GAS PEDAL ALL THE WAY TO BOTTOM (you may feel a button under pedal as you hold gas pedal down to floor) KEEP FOOT DOWN on GAS PEDAL, COUNT to 30..….. this should RESET previous driving patterns that may have caused the Automatic Trans shift hard. I tried it out and believe me I felt a extreme Improvement!!! Good Luck & truly don't be nervous give it a try believe it's NOT going to cause you any other issues, you've have nothing to worked for me!