several problems on Saturn Vue

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2003 Saturn Vue 165,000 mi,
has a noise similar to a bad wheel bearing in front end when going down the highway, replaced tires, wheel bearings, noise still there? Not sure what to look for.

when i'm driving the car is loud and sounds like a motorcycle

check engine light was coming on and it was the gas cap that neede replacing. Ignition was locked and would'nt turn so it had to be replaced. The car stalled on me in the middle of driving so the perge cylonoid had to be replaced. The front end of the car was shaking and vibrating when I slowed down so the rotors had to be turned and all tires replaced. Now my car is making a humming noise when the car is in drive and accelerated. I'm going to get that checked out next week. Also it's making a skidding noise when I turn curves or stopping. I would love to set this car on fire !!!!

2005 Saturn Vue 116,000 mi,
My car vibrates really bad took it in and I had to replace my hubs

I was having an intermittent problem putting the key in and it not turning, kind of like the steering wheel was licked, except that it wasn't. Finally, one day it wouldn't turn at all, and had to be towed to dealership. The whole cylinder had to be replaced. VERY EXPENSIVE! Blamed me using "dirty keys"(?). Have read since that this isn't a rare problem.

2007 Saturn Vue 140,000 mi,
I have no clue what's going on with this car

2003 Saturn Vue 94,000 mi,
I have rattling noise in the area of the hazard light switch, sounds like something is broken. I take to dealership Monday, May 16, to be fixed. Do you know if there was a recall on that switch.

2009 Saturn Vue 51,000 mi,
After a week I had to replace 4 quarts of oil. No signs of oil leaks anywhere, 2weeks later had oil change at Walmart, and it was 3 to 4 quarts low. It is not smoking or small of oil.

replaced the clutch and master cylinder my car still won't shift