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Brake booster failure due to internally leaking brake master cylinder on GMC Acadia

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Average mileage: 90,297 (24,500–160,000)
7 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011, 2012, 2015
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"Stabilitrak off, service brake system" with Brake warning light and skidding vehicle light both on.
I got a msg on my dash that read "stabilitrak off", then "check brakes". Took it in & they tell me the master cylinder was leaking brake fluid & it leaked right onto the brake booster (design flaw maybe?) so I had to replace both master cylinder & booster to the tune of $1100! Not too happy with it at all. Definitely won't be purchasing another GM vehicle in the future! Never had any issues with my Honda. Should've stuck with them!
"Stabilitrak off, brake fluid light constantly coming on, Brake warning light and skidding vehicle light both on.
After reading manual stated 1 of 2 options 1.) brake lining worn 2.) hydraulic brake leak
Well it was neither so now I have to take to dealer to see if it is I guess need to replace the master cylinder and booster to correct. This will be a difficult amount to pay. Is this normal??? Should this be a recall
Service brake system message, sometimes Service Stability, red brake light and TRAC OFF message.
These are sometimes the result of low brake fluid, but no obvious leaks are noted. Due to the design of the master cylinder and brake booster, the master cylinder can leak from the rear seal and collect inside the booster, leaving no drops on the ground or obvious signs.

You will need to replace the master cylinder and booster to correct.
Stabilitrak off and service brakes light on and leaking under the truck. Wife backing out driveway and brakes go to the floor...
Same scenario stabilizer light off and check brake indicator. Master cylinder leaking in tobrake booster $900 repair bill. Obviously a design issue will not buy another GMC product.
Brake works fine sometimes, but just started failing last week. I apply the breaks and it goes all the way down but car does not stop. Need to pump brake and then it stops. It freaks me out! Diagnosis is to replace booster and master cylinder for $714 at dealership. Not fun since just replaced the transmission at 101K mi for same Acadia for $3,300. What's next?
At such low mileage it is extremely disappointing to have this same problem (at the tune of $1000), which naturally started just after the warranty period expired. I am also experiencing the steering wheel noise problem($1400)and noises from worn out lower control arm bushings($800). My recommendation is either not buy a GM (government motors)vehicle or unload it before the end of the warranty period. You can also get the 2 year extended warranty for about $3500. I will never buy another GM vehicle again.
I got a message on my dash that read "stabilitrak off", then "check service brakes". Took it to the dealer & they told me that the master cylinder was leaking brake fluid & it leaked right onto the brake booster.

The quote was approx. $850 without taxes to replace both of them. I have not yet fixed the issue as I was told that I can top off the brake fluid for few months until the decide the replace them. Has anybody tried to keep em running with topping off the brake fluid?

Definitely, won't be purchasing another GM vehicle in the future! - Transmission Wave Plate Issue, Rear Lift Gate Safety Recall Issue, Suspension Leaking Issue, Steering Issue, Cooler Issue, and now this. If you were to fix all these issues at the dealership, it can cost you about $10K plus. Not a good reputation for a Company to have when customers have so many choices to buy a Vehicle these days!
Brakes slightly squishy. Dealer found brake fluid low, leak from rear of master cylinder into brake booster. Require all to be replaced. $900.
Stabilitrak off service brake system alarm. Dealer says master cylinder leaking into brake booster. Need to replace both at 1,000 dollars. This should be manufacturer detect. Very disappointed in GMC. 2011 Acadia nothing but problems between transmission, heat vents, front end problems and now this. GMC is crap would never buy again or recommend.
2011 Buick Enclave. Replaced brake pads and one caliper at 86K and a few days later squeak noise in brake pedal was heard. Buick dealer diagnosed as brake master cylinder leaking into booster.
Internal brake fluid leak and master cylinder and brake booster to be repaired only had this vehicle for six months!!