Seat Frame broken on Chevrolet Malibu

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My wife had used my car and adjusted the power seat and then mentioned that is sat funny. I went to work and noticed it was sitting lower in the right front corner. Then when I made a right hand turn I felt the seat come up a bit in the corner. When I got home to look I noticed a round bar that looks like the weld broke. I've never seen a seat break before. Can this be fixed/welded?

Got into my 2010 malibu and notice seat was tilting to the right and when i make a certain turn the seat feels like it raises up, look under seat and this round bar is broken, car paid off what do i do? Please help

The car dealership looked at the seat frame after I reported that the seat was jiggling getting in and out of the car and going around corners. The seat frame is broken. They say they can only replace it for $900. We had a discount with the dealer which made it $765.

I was driving and heard a pop and the right side of my seat went backwards h caused me to jerk the wheel and run off the road and then I stopped and checked it out. So is this covered under any warranty?

Seat popped and dipped to back right side seat frame is cracked horrible design

Noticed the seat was sitting differently. I took the car to the dealer for an oil change and they said the seat track was broken. Kicker is they said it would be $1250 to fix. That seems really high.

Broken seat bracket. All of a sudden. Sounds like a weak design. Gm should fix for free. Dealership found me a used seat with same interior for 275 dollars.

Drivers seat was moving back and forth. Upon looking into the situation saw the frame is broke. Never did anything to make it break. How can this be replaced and is it covered?

Right rear corner of driver's seat popped and dropped, same as the rest. Flat mount weld broken from round frame rod. Removed seat and found left side of same frame rod was welded almost the entire area where it meets the bracket, while broken side only had small spot weld, clearly a design defect. I've never owned a vehicle with a broken seat! $1000+ for dealer repair. I wasn't happy when I found that the front bumper must be removed to replace a headlamp bulb. Who is engineering these things?

Out of the blue, the seat frame broke. Almost made me crash.

The seat began leaning to the inner console. On inspection, the weld above the front hook on the right side of the driver seat had broke at the weld due to poor engineering. The seat progressively became worse. I have no luck locating a new seat frame part 15826466 for our 2009 Malibu LTZ. The only internet deals start at $900 and you still have to transfer all of the parts and padding from the old seat. This should be a recall item as it effects safety.

My brother (170 lbs) sat down in the driver's seat of my car, there was a loud snap and the seat sank completely to the right. It leans and rocks when driving and is extremely uncomfortable. I am arguing with Chevy about fixing it because I have never ever heard of the happening in another vehicle. It is obviously a design flaw.

Got into the car and the driver seat dropped on the right side. Looked at it and found that the front round support bar broke near the weld. Will need to replace seat

Got in the car and the whole seat settled to the right rear. It felt like I was sitting in a hole. I blocked the seat up with a wooden shim but the seat is now non-operable. It is all the way back because I'm on the tall side and all the way to the bottom. No one including my wife can drive the car because the seat can't be adjusted. GM dealer hasn't been contacted because of what I've read on the web. Safety hazard should be fixed for no cost.

Drivers seat rear right hand side has dropped down 5 inches. seat can not be adjusted when sitting on as it binds with center console. car is very uncomfortable to drive due to the twisted position. causes great fatigue on long trips. makes checking blind spot difficult.

I was driving my car and I was going over some road construction and suddenly my seat dipped to the floor of the car, when I parked to take a look, a metal rod welded to the frame of the seat had broken, the other side was still intact but now when I go and sit in my car it dips down to the right side and my seat is uneven.

Seat wouldn't adjust and is cooked

Drivers seat leans to right, dealer says broken seat frame, $988.00 to replace frame. I worked for GM for 30+ years, I guess they hope I'll fly out the windshield and they can stop paying me.

Seat rubbing on center console when adjusting. Noticed seat rocking forward from rear right hand corner. Took to dealer was told track was broke needed to replace at cost a little over $1000!

VIN# 4th digit Z, cloth, 6-way, w/air bag, driver-side, bucket seat began to rock and sink to my right. Dealer's new rep says broken frame. I say I've never weighed over 140 lbs, what about that? Says, welds fail. Dealer quotes $1300 to fix. Will not install 2nd hand bucket seat, because will not/can not guarantee. Bucket is not currently fixed. I am researching options.