Dodge Durango Problem Report

Dodge Durango Rough Idle and/or Stalling Due to Glogged EGR Tube

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A rough engine idle and/or engine stalling condition may develop, often associated with illumination of the Check Engine Light and an exhaust gas recirculation (ERG) fault code stored. This is commonly caused by a clogged EGR tube. The repair involves cleaning the clogged EGR tube.

Rough idle. Dealer did some "update" in response to but problem persists. -
stalls when coming in or out of driveway/parking spaces, on hard turns, and now at stop signs and traffic lights. Starts right back up, but frequently is definitely increasing. Was totally dead last weekend and after jumping, still stalled. Put in a new battery so it starts consistently, but still stalls out. -
I had the check engine light come on. Diagnostic test results came back fault code P0404. Brought to dealer they repaced EGR, It ran fine for about 1,000 miles. Check engine light on again. Fault code P0404 again, called dealer they will look at it Friday. At this rate i will go threw alot of EGR valves. Why can't Dodge find a easier way than boogering on a conglomerate bunch of junk that just sotes up so fast. And should you have to change your spark plugs all the time your EGR boogers up.TIRED of IT. I wish those so called engineers could drive a rolling piece of crap to their important meeting of the minds. And have it stall in the middle of an intersection, while people are flicking them off. I need an aspirin. God help me!! -
Wife almost got crushed both times! Making a turn without using throttle it would just die and put her in the middle of the road. I've noticed it stumble a few times when I turn the steering wheel, but it never died on me. I don't think it'd be an EGR problem more of a steering pump issue maybe idle drops off to less than 500 then cuts off. -
My 2006 is stalling when back up and when I stop. The rpm's are going up and doen . And feels like somethings sucking ot back like a vacuum. Have changed a few things but still doing it . Not sure what it is -
RPM's will rev up and down from 1000 to 3000 and stall sometimes when you let off the throttle at a stop. -
Durango randomly dies after reversing and now randomly dies when idling at stop signs or red lights. Starts right back up but very scary and dangerous. -
Rough idle. Check engine light on says emissions or something. Cuts off while driving.. -
Cuts off while driving,wheel had to control, usually starts back up but its very dangerous it is more frequent now, there needs to be a recall on this problem.,.afraid to drive. Under these conditions -
at stop signs idles but when u press on gas it dies -
changed hose -
I was using my cruise, travelling from MI to TN (within the mountains/hills), I noticed that my check engine light was on, the car would rev from 3000 hp, to 2000 hp with a "jerking motion" (running rough) and she stalled mid freeway. (thank goodness there wasn't a truck blocking my getting to the shoulder of the road). I'm wondering if it's the same problem anyone else has. Thanks for the tips. -
While driving down the road with air conditioning on the truck starts sputtering and stalls. Turn off the AC and it runs okay. -
Whining noise than battery. Light. On -
idling high and stalling out -
I didn't know this was going on umtil i went to the dealer. My main problem ar the suspension on this truck, its like driving a boat, everyone i took it to, even the dealer is saying that's just the way it it...... I don't thiink so -
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