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Q: Rotor replacement and Shaking Steering Wheel on 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

I just rcently replaced the front rotors and pads on my 2006 RR Sport HSE 4.4. The stearing wheel starts to shake as soon as I apply the brake (when slowing down from 30 mph or more speed). The brake pedal does not shake. Only the strearing wheel. Did I purchase defected rotors? Please help. Thank you.
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At times, the way new brake rotors are stored can cause then to become out of round prior to installation. Your shaking steering wheel does seem to indicate out of round rotors, but perhaps not bad enough to cause a severe pedal vibration. They may take a light cut to correct. Verify also that all the pads and caliper hardware are installed correctly and securely.
Thank you for the reply. You are correct about the brake rotors. I replaced the rotors with genuine parts and the problem has not re-surfaced .
I just had the same problem with brand new NAPA rotors right out of the box. In fact, the new rotors made the original problem worse and I picked up a dull thump to boot. Instead of replacing them again and going the genuine LR route, I had the NAPA's trued up (front and rear) and the results are amazing, actually perfect. The mechanic who turned the rotors for me said usually new rotors are fine out of the box, but once in a great while there's a problem (these were not a consistent thickness) . His experience was that I shouldn't have any problem with my fix, even though I'm reusing pads that have 10,000 miles on them. The rotors I replaced were genuine LR, but had been cut down too far (which is what I suspected when I tackled the shaky steering wheel problem in the first place). It was a coincidence that the new rotors were out of whack right out of the box. I've never had a rotor problem on any of the various cars I've owned (that's quite a few and this is my first LandRover).. never have had to even turn or replace rotors before. I've always been able to get great results just replacing pads (which is what a lot of folks do, I understand). The mechanic also told me that they don't use genuine LR rotors because they are a softer steel than most all of the after market replacements and he's found that the geuine rotors need replacing with every set of new pads, that turning them down yields poor results. He also said the supposed better braking from the softer steel exceeds what the tires are usually capable of anyway. He really thought I'd be happy with the route I've gone. I need to get some serious mileage on this set up to be sure the fix is good, but here's hoping.
Glad you had success. The only down side to cutting new rotors (besides paying for it...) is that you are taking life off of brand new parts that should not be warped to begin with. All because someone decided to stand them up on a shelf for a while...
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