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Roof Rack Lifting on Dodge Nitro

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The front of the roof rack may begin lifting from the roof. Replacing the adhesive tape at the front of the side rails should correct this concern.

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Dodge Nitro Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 78,245 (20,200–230,000)
1 model year affected: 2007
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Roof rack lifting and broken. Called my local Dodge dealer and is going to cost $350 for parts and labor..Should have had a recall on this to be replaced! Now it is passed on to the consumer to take care of.. Double back tape to hold down a roof rack.?? Really!! Come on Dodge can't you do better than that.. This will be the last Dodge I own..
I have had a constant problem with the roof racks rattling since 2010. I would have my brother look at the roof often and tighten as he could. I was going to see friends a week ago and the wind was rattling them terribly. When I arrived 407 miles later, the passenger front rack was broken and had lifted 3 inches and the driver rear had broken... I had my friends husband remove them to get me home safe. I am so upset over this and I do think you made a very bad product that can be so damaged by wind for Heck sakes... I now hear there had been Recalls on some of these. Help !!!!
Both roof rails broken at the from nut hold downs. I was told that it was not covered or recalled so I replaced the exactly as described in the service manual and now 2 yrs later I have the same problem.
I have the same problem. I had it fix about 6 mos ago and it has come loose again. I can't keep paying $100 for this to keep happening.
my roof racks split and this is my second time replacing them.. one mad customer that is tired of forking out money for her POS vehicle...
Roof rack came loose. Got a call from a gal at the dealership. When I took my car in they said there was no recall. So I didn't get it fixed.
Noticed the noise while on the highway, finally figured out it was the roof rack rail. Crazy thing is that they did the recall to this and it still broke on me. Now water gets into my vehicle when it rains!!
Nitro was still under warranty when the roof rack started lifting off on the drivers side. Dodge repaired it for free, however after my warranty was up, the passenger side roof rack lifted off also. This was an expensive fix and I believe that Dodge should fix this as a recall.
The roof rack began to lift up in the front. It would rattle on the freeway and would not stay down. I tried adhesive, glue and tape and nothing has helped. It has completely cracked now from driving wind. And needs to be replaced.
2010 Dodge nitro roof rails starting to lift anyone know any places to repair this problem in Las Vegas?
I just purchased this Nitro today an my dad noticed the roof rack is loose with out the bolt to hold t in place on driver side. Going to dealer where I bought it in the morning!!
I've replaced my roof rails 2 times now it's off warranty so I can't afford the roof rails so I glue them and there cracking and still lifting it's annoying I've owned my nitro since December 4, 2008 I love it but it's falling apart the door handles broke I replaced those as well I've put so much money into it all cause things broke
Rack was cracked, and finally flew off when going 60MPH. Not only does it aesthetically look bad, but when it rains water enters the interior and damages the liner with rust water marks. I cleaned the roof liner once when I purchased the car,but now I know where it is coming from.
Drivers side roof rail began rattling and I realized it had become loose, It was missing a cover over a screw which eventually caused water to leak to the interior of my car. I am looking for repair costs & tips to the problem that seems to be a common ocurance with these vehicles
lifted off with 2 kayaks on top of vehicle going down the interstate. landing in the middle of 4 lane highway. could have caused deaths or injuries. What do i do about getting this fixed and why is this not a recall. dangerous. Tina Lewis ,