Remote door lock/unlock failure. on Honda Accord

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2004 Honda Accord 117,000 mi,
Doors won't unlock with remote key. However, they will still lock with the remote. I can hear the mechanism trying to unlock the doors but it won't do it.

2006 Honda Accord 115,000 mi,
The doors will not unlock using the remote key. I have to open the doors manually with the key.

2006 Honda Accord 163,000 mi,
Front passenger door [only] will not unlock either remote, with the switch or manually. Looking for solution.

Remote battery recently changed. car locks but won't unlock with remote. In addition, key in driver's door only goes halfway in. PLEASE ADVISE

2004 Honda Accord 178,000 mi,
Key will no longer unlock driver side door. My car alarm will not unlock driver side door but will lock all doors and pop the trunk!

All of the other doors work with my remote except the driver's door. I can't afford the repair. :>(

2008 Honda Accord 109,000 mi,
Driver side door won't unlock with remote. Only with key

my door won't lock/unlock from my key, when i stick the key in the cylinder nor from the inside but i can open the truck w/ key and set alarm on my car. please help..

2004 Honda Accord 180,000 mi,
First, my rear passenger side door stopped locking/unlocking with remote or driver door button. Has to be locked/unlocked by hand using the button on the door. Soon after the other locks began failing and after a few weeks and several tries each time with the remote they no longer will operate at all. Three doors will lock with the inside driver door button. To unlock from outside the car I use the key in the door lock (two turns to the right unlocks three doors).

2004 Honda Accord 140,000 mi,
Side door wouldn't unlock with key remote or from inside using switch, still not fixed.

2007 Honda Accord 116,457 mi,
My key fob will not unlock any doors but will lock them. Also unlock button on driver door unlocks and locks all but driver door.

2003 Honda Accord 130,000 mi,
Key fob stopped working. Passenger door lock no longer works

No doors will unlock manually or electronically.

The relay motor for the driver-side front door failed, making remote entry inoperable. Repair is costly: ~$40 part + $200 labor). Service writer at dealership says this is a common problem. Most opt to just live without remote entry (i.e., use a key).

Remote will only lock, unlock, and engage there alarm sometimes.

2004 Honda Accord 134,872 mi,
The remote key door lock failure

Locks failure can't even open manually with key

2005 Honda Accord 117,000 mi,
Driver side door power lock will not work. All other door locks work.

I told the service representative at Curry Honda in Atlanta, GA, and he told me that the problem was probably a broken door lock actuator that would cost several hundred dollars to fix, so I passed on the repair. FYI: I also showed him paperwork from a 2011 repair where they replaced my driver's side rear door lock actuator for free. The service representative tried to tell me that their service department did that repair as a "favor," but I asked a representative at another car repair shop about the likelihood that Curry Honda would do a free repair as a "favor," and he looked up the history of recalls on my particular model and year of car and told me that the Honda rep had lied. Apparently there was a recall listed on the door actuators of rear driver's side doors of 2005 Honda Accords. That was why that repair was free, but they wouldn't do me the same "favor" for my front passenger side door. I'm still waiting for Honda to admit that all of the Honda Accord door actuators are dysfunctional and should be replaced for free under a recall.

The key less entry FOB doesn't lock or unlock the doors. It doesn't open the the truck either. Is there a battery in the key FOB that can be replaced and then does it need to be reprogrammed.?